Easy Bachelorette Party Ideas

Choose one of these fun, clever ideas and round up all your bridesmaids for a memorable bachelorette bash.

3. Culinary Delights

High-Concept Idea: Wine Tour. Many regions of the country have gorgeous wineries: California, New York and Virginia, among others. Reserve nearby hotel rooms, and spend the day traveling from vineyard to vineyard in a shuttle bus. You'll always enjoy the memory of touring the grounds, learning about wine and tasting the varietals. Tours can range from $90 to $250 per person.

Affordable Alternative: Tasting Party. Do your libation tasting right in the comfort of a friend's home—it could be wine, or, if you prefer, scotch, tequila or rum. Have each guest bring a different bottle. Cover each one with a paper lunch bag to disguise it, then write the name of each wine on a piece of paper. Divide the group into teams. As each bottle's name is pulled out of a hat, each team samples the wines and tries to figure out which bottle is which. The team with the most correct guesses wins! (It's really interesting to try to distinguish the pricey stuff from the $5 variety.) Just make sure you have plenty of munchies and safe rides home.

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