Easy Bachelorette Party Ideas

Choose one of these fun, clever ideas and round up all your bridesmaids for a memorable bachelorette bash.

2. Creative Outlets

High-Concept Idea: Craft Classes. Up for making your own purses or necklaces? Scout out small local crafts shops, bead stores or design studios. You might be able to reserve a shop for the evening, bring in a caterer and have an instructor walk you through the process. While the gals create the accessory of their choice, they can munch and sip on some special treats—and no one has to clean up! Cost: about $35 to $125 per person.

Affordable Alternative: At-Home Knit-Night. Time to get down to the real knitty-gritty! Have one person collect money and buy wool and needles, and make sure someone else can walk the beginners through the basic steps. "Check books and magazines for fun projects," says Laura Maffeo, author of Girls' Night In (Ryland Peters and Small). "It's great for everyone to take home a memento." One nifty idea: Have your pals work on squares they can piece together for a blanket for you.

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