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    All the little details add up! Here are 25 things to cut from your wedding to ease your budget and your stress level.

  • The "hindsight is 20/20" rule applies to virtually every facet of life, but it is especially applicable whenever forking over major cash is concerned (hello, wedding planning!). To help prevent any post-nuptial regret, we asked BG's Instagram users which wedding elements they spent less on (or wish they had); here's what they had to say.

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    Every wedding choice that you make adds up. Here, wedding professionals share their favorite swaps for slashing hundreds, if not thousands, off your final tally.

  • Weddings can be expensive. The average cost last year was over $30,000, and engaged couples are using smart ways to save without compromising their big day dreams.

  • After the newly-engagement thrill tapers off, the enormity of planning a wedding settles in; specifically, "How are we going to pay for all of this?" It can be tough to know how to start socking away funds or, conversely, how to stay motivated. We went straight to the handiest resource we know — BG's Instagram followers — to get the money-saving lowdown.

  • Dupes (short for duplicates) are all the rage in the beauty world: drugstore versions of identical luxury products. But now, the concept has arrived to the world of flowers. 

  • We asked recent brides to share their biggest money mistakes and — more importantly — what they would do differently today.

  • When looking to cut costs, always consider your venue. Here's how to manage expenses wherever you wed.

  • When my husband Michael and I first got engaged, we were overly confident that we could put together our wedding for way less than other couples we know had spent. However, when we started getting quotes from vendors and banquet halls, reality hit us; hard