How Much Would Your Favorite Big-Screen Wedding Really Cost?

Once you get engaged, you start to see wedding movies in a whole new light (did they seriously invite 572 people to the Father of the Bride wedding?!). But no matter what your budget looks like, these on-screen nuptials will help you dream big as you plan your own special day.

My Best Friend’s Wedding

Despite Julianne’s interference, Kimmy and Michael still go through with their wedding — and what an affair it is!

The Look
Kimmy’s gown appears to be couture, so even though it doesn’t have many jewels or embellishments, Desiree Dent of Dejanae Events estimates it’d cost about $6,000. And while the veil may look simple, it’d probably cost an extra $700!

The Venue
After the church ceremony, the party moves to Kimmy’s parents’ mansion, where they’ve rented an elaborate white pole tent and all the extras, including a dance floor, lighting, draping, tables, linens, and zoning permits. A decked-out tent like this would run at least $12,000, plus another $15,000 for rentals, says Sara Fried of Fete Nashville

The Décor
The green and white floral centerpieces, combined with the dramatic florals around the perimeter of the tent, would add up to about $24,000, says Fried. And don’t forget about all of the over-the-top flowers in the church: Melissa Varnavelias of Stylish Blooms says that they could easily have cost over $20,000 with rentals, set-up, delivery, and breakdown fees.

The Music
Michael and Kimmy’s wedding also features a six-piece wedding band, which costs about $6,000 for three hours of continuous music, says Danny Chaimson of Golden Coast Allstars.

The Food
The average catering cost for a similar wedding would be about $300 to $500 per person, says Marina Birch of Birch Design Studio. So for 200 guests, we’re looking at anywhere from $60,000 to $100,000 for food.

The Bridesmaids
As maid of honor, Julianne wears a special custom-made gown with a heavily embellished top, which likely cost about $400. The other two bridesmaids probably spent about the same amount — even though their gowns don’t have as much embellishment, the fabric is more ornate, explains Dent.

The Exit
The couple opts for a dramatic exit, leaving in a white Rolls Royce ($4,000) while fireworks go off along the road (an additional $4,000). Think of the epic photos!

Total cost: $152,900 to $192,900

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