How Much Would Your Favorite Big-Screen Wedding Really Cost?

Once you get engaged, you start to see wedding movies in a whole new light (did they seriously invite 572 people to the Father of the Bride wedding?!). But no matter what your budget looks like, these on-screen nuptials will help you dream big as you plan your own special day.

The Vow

This tearjerker isn’t a traditional wedding movie, but we can’t resist the sweet scene early on of Paige and Leo’s unconventional ceremony.

The Look
Paige opts for a flirty pink dress with tulle accents instead of a traditional white ballgown. Her unusual choice saved her some money, as it probably cost about $300, according to Dent. Her veil, which is double-layered with satin ribbon edging, likely cost an additional $150.

The Venue
The mischievous couple avoided a fee by sneaking into the Art Institute of Chicago with a few friends for their wedding ceremony. (Luckily, they have just enough time to get their vows in before security chases them away!) 

The Flowers
Paige’s cute nosegay of flowers appear to be made of paper or silk, says Varnavelias. The prices for those can range wildly on Etsy, but these probably cost about $100 to $200.

Total cost: $550 - $650

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