How Much Would Your Favorite Big-Screen Wedding Really Cost?

Once you get engaged, you start to see wedding movies in a whole new light (did they seriously invite 572 people to the Father of the Bride wedding?!). But no matter what your budget looks like, these on-screen nuptials will help you dream big as you plan your own special day.

Mamma Mia!

Dreaming of a destination wedding in the Greek isles? There’s a simple elegance to Sophie and Sky’s ceremony that’s perfect for low-key brides.

mamma mia movie

The Look
Similar colored gowns from Lazaro go for about $3,000 at Mon Amie’s Bridal Salon, and the veil tacked on another $275 or so. And those flowers might look like they were woven together at the last minute, but they could have cost up to $550.

The Venue
Sophie and Sky’s ceremony takes place in a small church, which would cost roughly $330, estimates Helena Chaviara of Rock Paper Scissors Events. After, they move to the taverna for dinner — since Sophie’s mom, Donna, owns it, they probably got it for free.

The Décor
Assuming there are about 100 guests, the centerpieces and décor probably cost around $2,000, says Chaviara.

The Food
It likely cost about $60 a person including drinks — unless Donna paid for it out of her own pocket as a wedding present, of course.

The Bridesmaids
Sophie’s best friends’ gowns resemble designs by Theia or Nouvelle Amsale, would cost about $275 each.

The Bachelorette Party
Sophie’s bachelorette party was simple — she and her group of 25 or so friends mostly just drank and danced outside. Chaviara estimates that the alcohol probably cost about $550.

Total cost: $7,858 

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