25 Simple Things to Nix From Your Wedding Day

All the little details add up! Here are 25 things to cut from your wedding to ease your budget and your stress level.

By: Katelyn Helgeson

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  • Chair Covers

    Chair Covers

    Chair covers can actually attract one's eyes in photos, distracting from the happy personal moments in the photos. Unless the chairs provided by your venue are a significant eyesore, skip these!

    Photo Credit: Claudia Yap

  • Superfluous Ceremony Décor

    Superfluous Ceremony Décor

    When setting your décor budget, focus your dollars on where your guests are going to spend most of their time — your reception. Less is more when it comes to the ceremony; go with just enough to bring out the beauty of the setting. Plus, most guests are likely not to see it — because all eyes are on you!

    Photo Credit: Amber Green Photography

  • Candles


    Candles can create a romantic ambiance, but the cost can add up quickly. Instead of elaborate candelabras, ask your venue, caterer, or florist if they can provide you with some simple pillar or tealight candles.

    Photo Credit: Sam Lippke

  • Cake Serving Set

    Cake Serving Set

    A cake serving set can be a wonderful wedding keepsake, but they can also be pricey. This is a great way to involve family — use your parents cake serving set or any other family member that was gifted one previously. If this fails, ask your wedding cake vendor or caterer if they have a basic cake cutting set. 

    Photo Credit: Casey Fatchett Photography

  • Bride & Groom Chair Signs

    Bride & Groom Chair Signs

    Aside from one cute photo, these signs really have no function at a sweetheart table — we promise, guests aren't going to mistake your seats as their own!

    Photo Credit: Kimberly Chau Photography

  • Bathroom Baskets

    Bathroom Baskets

    Although a nice gesture, bathroom baskets filled with mini toiletries are one of those things that guests simply won't notice if they're missing. Plus, bathroom baskets will likely be forgotten about when you gather up belongings at the end of the evening.

    Photo Credit: Appletini Photography & Design

  • Aisle Runner

    Aisle Runner

    Prior to the processional, numerous individuals inevitably step on the aisle runner, including guests with dirty shoes, which may muddle the fabric. If the aisle runner material is too thin, high heels may puncture the fabric as well. And if your aisle runner doesn't have proper traction, it can slip, leading to embarrassing falls in the middle of the processional. Avoid unnecessary headaches and skip the aisle runner all together. Utilize extra flower petals your florist may have on hand instead if you want to beautify your aisle.

    Photo Credit: The Other Sister Photography via Oh Lovely Day

  • Aisle Décor

    Aisle Décor

    Gorgeous aisle decorations can lead to many issues — they can become tripping hazards, block the view of your guests or your photographer's camera, and are at risk for being damaged. Focus your décor dollars on a gorgeous ceremony backdrop instead.

  • Custom Table Numbers

    Custom Table Numbers

    Check with your venue or caterer to see whether they provide table numbers. Most likely, they will have something simple (yet elegant). However, do make sure to see what they look like prior to the wedding to ensure your approval!

    Photo courtesy of Prince Whitaker/Etsy

  • Sparklers


    As beautiful as photos can be with sparkers, the execution is very difficult. By the time the last group of sparklers lit, the ones first lit are burning out. Similar issues occur with all varieties of send-offs — and these days, most couples are staying until the very end of the reception anyway. 

    Photo Credit: Rowanberry + Lavender

  • Late-Night Snacks

    Late-Night Snacks

    Guests may love late-night snacks, but they also won't miss them if you don't provide them. Unless you are still trying to meet your caterer's minimum, do not feel obligated to feed your guests again. Most guests have had plenty to eat during the main meal and do not expect a second round.

    Photo Credit: Craig Paulson Photography on Craig Paulson Photography via Lover.ly

  • Directional Signage

    Directional Signage

    Your venue may provide directional signage at no extra cost — especially if they host more than one event at a time. If not, have a family members or ushers direct individuals. 

    Photo Credit: Josef Isayo Photography

  • Ceremony Musicians

    Ceremony Musicians

    Call on your talented friends and family to fill this role rather than hiring other professionals. Most will be honored to play such a key part of your wedding day. A big perk is that having friends or family involved is much more personal! Don't have any musical friends or family members? Using your DJ for your ceremony can lead to significant savings over live musicians.

    Photo Credit: Susan Baker Photography

  • Specialty/Add-On AV Equipment

    Specialty/Add-On AV Equipment

    Skip the extras that require additional equipment, like a photo montage that requires a big-screen TV. And your DJ/band leader's microphone should be sufficient for your toasts!

    Photo Credit: Muriel Silva Photography

  • In Loving Memory Tables

    In Loving Memory Tables

    Unfortunately, these tables covered in sentimental photos or signs often get overlooked by guests at the wedding — and you risk damaging precious, irreplaceable photographs. Rather, when thanking your guests during your speech, acknowledge your loved ones who could not be with you on this special day. 

  • Specialty Lighting

    Specialty Lighting

    The right lighting has the power to transform your reception space, but you'll get the most bang for your buck by opting for standard uplighting rather than custom gobos or projections. Because uplighting is so popular, many DJs and venues include the colorful lights in their packages for little to no extra charge. 

    Photo Credit: Embrace Life Photography

  • Kids

    Kids' Room Items

    If you're inviting children, don't feel obligated to go overboard on entertainment for the young kiddos. Most likely, the parents will bring toys guaranteed to entertain their own children. Pick up a few coloring books, crayons, stickers, and little games from the dollar store to fill in any gaps. 

    Photo Credit: Rosapaola Lucibelli Photography

  • Guestbook


    Sad, but true — the more creative the guest book, the smaller the number of guests who actually sign it, leading it to be an inaccurate reflection of who attended your wedding. Instead, ask your photographer to make sure he or she captures a photo of each guest (table photos are a quick and easy way), and save the cards with sweet messages inside. 

    Photo Credit: Captured Photography By Jenny on Every Last Detail via Lover.ly

  • Groom

    Groom's Cake

    Although it's a fun way to showcase the groom's personality, the main cake is normally more than enough to feed your guests. Instead, focus on coming up with a cake design that represents both the bride and the groom! 

    Photo Credit: Sophia Barrett Studios on Munaluchi Bridal via Lover.ly

  • Bouquet/Garter Toss

    Bouquet/Garter Toss

    Garters can be costly, and many brides order a second bouquet as a "toss" bouquet so that they don't have to give away their actual flowers. But these traditions are phasing out in popularity, so it will hardly be a shock if you go without these activities. 

    Photo courtesy of JB Conaway/Etsy

  • Games


    These can be great fun and a nice alternative to dancing; however, try borrowing from friends or family members rather than purchasing them yourself. 

    Photo Credit: Ace Photography

  • Favors


    It's nice to thank your guests with wedding favors; however, many guests forget these items, leaving you with the extras. Cut down on excess and skip wedding favors.

    Photo courtesy of Tie That Binds Weddings on Etsy

  • Rented Dance Floor

    Rented Dance Floor

    If your guests like to dance, a lack of a designated area won't hold them back. Most floors included with your venue are sufficient, with the exception of outdoor receptions.

    Photo Credit: Kaity Whitman of Photo Love

  • Unity Candle

    Unity Candle

    A unity candle (or similar variation, like a sand-blending ceremony) can be a meaningful addition to your ceremony and a great way to incorporate more family members in your service, but you may not realize how quickly the costs add up. The real highlight of your ceremony — your vows — are free, so focus your attention on that instead. 

    Photo Credit: Rhphotoarts on Munaluchi Bridal via Lover.ly

  • Toasting Flutes

    Toasting Flutes

    Your caterer should provide champagne flutes for toasting. Specialty bridal flutes can be expensive and fragile, meaning you'll also spend unnecessary time worrying about them breaking. Additionally, you most likely will only use them once in your lifetime — for your wedding. If bridal flutes are something you strongly desire, request them as a wedding gift.

    Photo Credit: Park Road Photography on The Wedding Chicks via Lover.ly

25 Simple Things to Nix From Your Wedding Day

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