Fascinating Wedding Traditions From Around the World

From a spectacular baraat entrance to multiple wardrobe changes to the high-flying Hora dance, wedding planners reveal how to add cultural flair to your nuptials.

Around the World: Symbolic Flowers
Myrtle is a symbol of love for Welsh brides. Sometimes they even give a piece to their single bridesmaids to plant in their yard, in the hopes that they will soon marry as well. Spanish weddings often feature orange blossoms, or azahares, which represent happiness. Modern bouquets may include herbs, which represent fertility according to Greek lore.

Jewish: Chuppah
A chuppah is a canopy that represents the couple's new home together, and it is meant to shield them from evil spirits. When newlyweds arrive at their chuppah, the bride must circle the groom seven times.

Ireland: Bells
Some Irish brides choose to carry small bells in their bouquet or place them on tables at their reception. Another fun idea is to add bells to the end of ribbon wands for guests to wave as the newlyweds exit the ceremony. "The ribbons make for lovely photos while keeping the tradition of the bells intact," Allongo says.

bells wedding
Photo Credit: Robert Madrid Photography

Mexico: Cascerones
These colorful eggs are hollowed out and filled with confetti. According to Mexican tradition, guests are supposed to crack them over the heads of those they find attractive, and they also represent good luck. "It always gets the party going, and the pictures are pretty great, too!" Gorjestani says.

Puerto Rico: The Bridal Doll
One unique Puerto Rican wedding tradition is the bridal doll on the head table. The doll wears a replica of the bride's dress with souvenirs attached to it. During the party, the bride and groom thank their guests for coming and pin a souvenir on them; in return, guests sometimes pin dollars to the doll.

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