Fascinating Wedding Traditions From Around the World

From a spectacular baraat entrance to multiple wardrobe changes to the high-flying Hora dance, wedding planners reveal how to add cultural flair to your nuptials.

No matter what part of the world you are from, there are cultural elements that you can incorporate to make your wedding even more meaningful. Even if you've never stepped foot in Korea or India, family traditions are a beautiful way to honor your heritage, and, in many cases, they also help bring together couples with different backgrounds.

"From having Grandma's pecan pie at the dessert table or having henna delicately painted onto your hands, your culture is your heart. Celebrate it!" says Diane Kolanović-Šolaja from Dee Kay Events.

Stay true to yourself and don't be afraid to make cultural customs your own. "With some thought and planning, you can give even the most traditional cultural elements a modern twist," says Cathy O'Connell from Celebrations of Joy. Tonia Adleta from Aribella Events advises combining different sensory elements, such as interactive food stations and a steel drum band or a bagpiper, to create an experience that guests are unlikely ever to forget.

If you want to include a tradition that may not be familiar to all of your guests, keep them informed of what's happening. Include a blurb in the wedding program or a fun infographic that explains what a chuppah or a handfast is; you may want to insert a translation as well if your ceremony is conducted in another language. At your reception, have a framed note on each table or ask your DJ/band to make a special announcement. If you want to prepare guests for something ahead of time — such as the need for a modest form of dress in your house of worship — include this info on your wedding website. Or you can include an insert to be mailed with your invitation or save-the-date.

Read on for fascinating customs around the world, as well as how modern-day couples are reinventing them.

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