Quiz: Where Should You Go on Your Honeymoon?

Can't decide on a honeymoon destination? Take our quiz to discover your perfect hideaway.

Your wedding venue is:

A. The great outdoors. Be it in a field of flowers or beneath a canopy of old- growth shade trees, it’s a natural fit for you and yours.
B. By the shore. You’re swept away at the thought of walking down a sandy aisle and exchanging vows to the rhythmic sound of the surf.
C. An urban penthouse. Sleek furniture, classical music and fabulous art are a few of your favorite things.
D. Your own (or a friend’s) backyard. DIY is definitely your thing, and you love an eclectic mix of music and cuisine from around the globe.

Your big-day dress is:

A. Short and sweet. You want to be able to boogie down at your fantastic celebration.
B. Flowing, sheer ’n sexy. You eschew any kind of clothing that cramps your free-spirited style.
C. Classic and timeless. A sophisticated look is your ideal.
D. Hip and funky. You always opt for something different.

Your celebrity couple doppelgängers are: 

A. Jessica and Justin (Biel and Timberlake). Being active — and looking good — in a variety of locales are your favorite pursuits.
B. Jen and Justin (Aniston and Theroux). Low-key in fashion and attitude are your M.O.
C. Diane Kruger and Joshua Jackson. You exude style and sophistication no matter the occasion.
D. Angelina and Brad. Traipsing around the world (and saving it) are on your must-do list.

Your favorite meal is: 

A. Eco-friendly. Garden-grown fruits, vegetables and other locally-sourced ingredients are the key to delicious meals.
B. No fuss, no muss. For you, the best meal is a juicy burger or a take-out pizza from your favorite spot.
C. Gourmet all the way. Filet mignon, duck confit and champagne: only the best will do.
D. Spicy and exotic. Indian-fusion, tasty Thai, piquant Vietnamese — all satisfy your yearning for adventure.

Your ideal day includes:

A. A long, rambling walk through the woods. Then it’s off to the park for a picnic lunch and bike ride. Dinner is a barbecue.
B. Maxin’ and relaxin.’ You love kicking back by the pool and catching up on the latest romance novel. A couple’s massage and dinner under the stars are also on the menu.
C. Champagne brunch. After that, you’ll take off for an afternoon of gallery hopping and perhaps an evening at the ballet or opera.
D. Morning yoga. Later, you’ll enjoy a spicy cup of chai tea and the newspaper at a coffee shop. At night you may catch a world-music concert.

Your guy's favorites include:

A. Tevas, a local brew, carabiner.
B. Topsiders, an ice-cold Corona with lime, a WaveRunner.
C. Loafers, Scotch, golf clubs.
D. Hiking boots, absinthe, GPS.


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