Amazing Wildlife Excursions in Mexico

Experience romantic adventures and untamed nature at Mexico’s idyllic resorts where wildlife and fantasy settings are perfectly paired.

Jaguars in Calakmul

The largest tropical forest reserve in Mexico, Calakmul Biosphere Reserve protects a portion of the Yucatan jungle approximately the same size as Yosemite National Park. This pristine rainforest is home to a diverse range of animals, from apex predators like jaguars and pumas to smaller animals like howler and spider monkeys, tapirs and cute little coatis, plus over 230 bird species. The park’s famous bat cave is home to between two and five million of the winged creatures. Hidden in the lush jungle is Calakmul, the ancient Mayan city that dates back to 364 A.D. Climb to the top of one of the two pyramids for views of unbroken green all the way to Guatemala.

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Photo Credit: Hotel Puerta Calakmul

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Photo Credit: Hotel Puerta Calakmul

Where To Stay: Much like the ruins, Hotel Puerta Calakmul seems almost lost amid the jungle, surrounded by rainforest vegetation and the rich sounds and aromas of the Yucatan forest — it’s not unusual to see wildlife wandering around the resort grounds. The screened-in restaurant is an excellent place to spot the animals and birds, and its 15 bungalows are simple but comfortable, outfitted with locally made wooden furnishings, mosquito net-draped king beds and private patios with hammocks for that post-hike siesta. The hotel offers full-day guided wildlife and archaeology tours of the park, and the kitchen will gladly make box lunches for your excursions. Room rates start at $160 a night.

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Photo Credit: Hotel Puerta Calakmul

Photo Credit: Hotel Puerta Calakmul

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