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Nesting Turtles in Mazatlán

Every year starting in June, thousands of female olive ridley sea turtles drag themselves out of the Pacific Ocean and up the beaches of Mazatlán where they use their powerful flippers to dig deep holes in the sand and lay their eggs. Visitors can watch this annual event in several spots, including Playa El Verde camacho and estrella del Mar, as well as the baby turtles hatching and scurrying to the protection of the waves between August and November. (the digging and laying takes place in the dark of night, but release of the youngsters is a daytime affair.) Over four decades of conservation efforts by the National Commission of Naturally Protected Areas (NCNPA) and other local conservation groups have safeguarded more than 6,000 nests, and nearly 400,000 hatchlings have made it safely to the sea. Turtle Tours Mazatlán arranges guided tours of the Verde-Camacho Turtle Sanctuary and participation in the baby turtle release.

Where To Stay: The 716-room Hotel Riu Emerald Bay has spectacular views of the Pacific surf and dazzling sunsets from its location on Playa las Brujas north of Mazatlán. A walk on the long stretch of golden beach will pull in an excellent haul of pretty shells, and at the resort you can lounge by one of the three swimming pools, sip a tropical cocktail at the swim bar or relax at the Renova Spa. Ask the concierge about reservations for turtle adventures. Room rates start at $246 a night.

Photo Credit: Misael López Nevárez

hotel riu emerald bay
Photo Credit: Riu Hotels and Resorts

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