Amazing Wildlife Excursions in Mexico

Experience romantic adventures and untamed nature at Mexico’s idyllic resorts where wildlife and fantasy settings are perfectly paired.

You may be heading to Mexico to experience sun-drenched bliss on the beach, but don’t miss the chance to see the best of the country’s wildlife in its most gorgeous tropical locales. Put on your explorer’s hat and set off on an adventure made for two.

Whale Watching in Baja California

Like the humans who love watching them, thousands of whales make their way to the bottom end of Baja each year to bask in the warm water, feast on the local food (plankton and krill in their case) and romance one another along the shore. Nine different whale species frequent Baja waters, including humpbacks, minke and the earth’s two largest animals — blue and finback whales. But gray whales far outnumber the other species, with as many as 20,000 making the annual migration from Alaska to western Mexico.

Whale Watch Cabo runs wildlife research boat tours between April and November and group and private boat whale-watching tours between November and April from the Cabo San Lucas marina. or take a fight tour to Baja’s Magdalena Bay — where you’ll find the largest concentration of gray whales during the winter season. every boat includes underwater microphones for listening to whalesong.

Where To Stay: One of the few resorts that offers a view of both the ocean and harbor sides of the peninsula, the 239-room, all-inclusive Sandros Finesterra Los Cabos has Cabo San Lucas’s best digs for whale watchers. catch the whales spouting or breaching offshore from the famous Whale Watcher’s Bar. recently refurbished and upgraded, the resort features four restaurants, a cave-like luxury spa, gourmet cupcake café and a golden-sand beach. It’s also within walking distance of the docks where the boat tours depart. Room rates start at $188 per person, per night.

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Photo Credit: Whale Watch Cabo

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Photo Credit: Sandos Hotels and Resorts

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