The Best Champagne Bars Around the World

Nothing says “congratulations” like a champagne toast at one of these favorite hotel bars.

Hotel D’Angleterre

This urban oasis in the heart of Copenhagen has a rich history that speaks of romance — the hotel’s beginnings date to 1775 when it was essentially founded by a young artist couple. Over the years, the look and overall design have evolved, but the posh hideaway has always celebrated food and drink, and it was recently renovated to reveal historic charms blended with modern amenities. One such addition is Balthazar, the first champagne bar in Denmark. Sleek and modern, the welcoming space features a menu of bubbly from more than 42 makers. Hand-crafted cocktails are also available, as are treats such as caviar and oysters (room rates start at $460 a night;

hotel d'angleterre
Photo courtesy of Hotel D'Angleterre

The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas

All the glitz, glamour and glitter that we love about champagne and the bubbly’s dedicated bars are embodied in The Chandelier, a tri-floor lounge located in the center of the hip The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas. The bar is ensconced within a space befitting its namesake — a towering, twinkling structure of beaded lights — and offers various vibes on each level. The first, which opens onto the gaming floor, offers a high-energy atmosphere, while the middle and upper levels are more about creative cocktail experiences and champagne offerings. The diversity of the bar reflects the hotel’s cuisine program, which includes an outpost of Blue Ribbon Sushi and the steakhouse STK, among others (room rates start at $195 a night;

cosmopolitan las vegas
Photo courtesy of The Cosmopolitan Las Vegas

Shangri-La Hotel Paris

Endless Eiffel Tower and Seine River views are a hallmark of the 101-room retreat, one of the City of Light’s chicest hotels that also just happens to be housed in the former residence of Napoleon Bonaparte’s grandnephew, Prince Roland Bonaparte. Le Bar is a cozy hideaway with a design that takes a cue from Napoleon’s African campaign and features original artworks. The hotel’s cellar has more than 26,000 bottles of wine, numerous champagnes and a very special Armagnac (a distinct type of brandy) from 1896, the year the Prince moved into the building (room rates start at about $833 a night;

cocktail shangri la hotel paris
Photo courtesy of Shangri-La Hotels and Resorts

The Resort at Pedregal

Carved into the rugged stone of the Baja Peninsula in the tony Los Cabos region, this exclusive hideaway promises all the bespoke details befitting a luxury tropical resort. A newer amenity is the Champagne Terrace, an outdoor cliffside enclave within the hotel’s Pacific Ocean-view El Farallon restaurant. While the sweeping natural vistas of sea and mountains are certainly spectacular, the lounge’s main draw is the selection of more than 15 different champagnes. Tastings, which focus on the art of champagne, as well as pairings of cheeses, are hosted at the outpost’s bar, a showstopping centerpiece that’s handcrafted from the local choya cactus (room rates start at $625 a night;

the resort at pedregal
Photo courtesy of The Resort at Pedregal