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If I Could Register Again — Copper Edition

Warm, welcoming, and suddenly, seemingly everywhere, it wouldn’t be an overstatement to declare copper the rose-gold of housewares. Copper lends itself to any décor or palette, whether your taste runs to cozy-cabin chic or stark minimalism. Plus, the metal plays nicely with others, from stainless to pewter, zinc, and brass. Here, a few of our key copper cravings.  

1. Forever perched at the top of registry wish-lists far and wide, the iconic workhorse gets a shiny — and extra-durable — copper base. 

How to Invite Your B-List Wedding Guests Without Being Rude

Trying to get the number of wedding guests absolutely right is a feat in and of itself. While most weddings have up to 85% of guests RSVPing “yes,” depending on your date and location, that number can certainly fluctuate. Having a B-list is a good way to ensure that your celebration is filled with family and friends, but it can be a little dicey if B-listers realize they weren’t first picks. Here are five tips for keeping things friendly when planning your B-list.

This Wedding is a Disney Lover's Dream Come True

For Disney fanatics Ashley Idema and Ty Junemann, a proposal at the happiest place on Earth was just the beginning of their fairy tale wedding. The couple showcased their love for all things Disney through their ultra-creative centerpieces, stationery, and even the bride's gown.

bride and groom

Friends and family were invited to "Be Our Guest" at the wedding festivities:

10 “Overdone” Wedding Day Details You Still Can’t Help But Love

Sure, you’ve seen oh-so-many chalkboard wedding signs and sipped your share of signature cocktails (most likely in Mason jars…), but you can’t help but think these darling details would be just the right touch for your own big day. While some people might tell you these popular wedding trends are totally overdone and encourage you to stay away, we’re here to remind you that they’re popular for a very good reason: everyone loves them!

Here are 10 touches your guests won’t be able to get enough of.

Inside the New Issue

Whether you’re newly engaged (congratulations!), just about ready to walk down the aisle or anticipating a sparkler on your ring finger soon, you’ll find plenty of fabulous fashion, expert planning advice and swoon-worthy honeymoons in our November/December 2016 issue. Bonus: You can also enter our sweepstakes to win the cover gown!

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7 Alternatives to Having a Traditional Bridal Party

Perhaps you have a massive family or big group of friends and don’t want to hurt someone’s feelings by not including them in your wedding party. Or maybe you think the idea of bridesmaids and groomsmen is totally not for you. Whatever your reasoning, it’s perfectly fine to skip the bridal party! Still want to honor the important people in your life without having them stand up beside you in matching outfits? Here are seven ways to do it.


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