Get Bella and Edward's Wedding Invitation!

Planning a Twilight-inspired wedding? We just found your perfect invitations: Hallmark released a replica of Bella and Edward's classic invitation, available for personalization on!

Once you've customized your invite, Hallmark will have it professionally printed on premium white paper with black lettering. You can even have Hallmark address, stamp, and send the invitations directly to the recipients. Or, you can print the invites yourself for as low as $1.29. 

“The Edward and Bella wedding invitation gives super-fans a unique opportunity to create a memorable keepsake from the movie for themselves and their fellow ‘Twi-Hard’ friends or even actually use it for their wedding day,” said Christine Taylor, Hallmark Licensing. “We also saw it as a fun way to invite friends to a viewing party for the Nov. 18th movie release.”

What we love: Fellow Twihards will instantly recognize it as the Breaking Dawn invitation. But your less in-the-know guests will just see it as a nice, classic invitation. 

Also: Hallmark has released 20 Twilight-themed greeting cards for birthdays and other special occasions, plus a Christmas tree ornament, stickers, magnets, bookmarks, and more. Who's ready for Breaking Dawn?!

—Kristen O'Gorman Klein