Shocking: Bride Straps Newborn to Gown, Drags Her Down the Aisle

There are so many thoughtful, sweet ways to include your children in the wedding — this is not one of them. A Tennessee bride sparked outrage after she shared a photo of herself walking down the aisle on May 12 with her one-month-old daughter, Aubrey...attached to the train of her gown.

bride drags baby down the aisle
Photo Credit: Shona Carter-Brooks on Facebook via The Daily Mail

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Mom Shona Carter-Brooks took to Facebook to defend her and her husband Johnathan Brooks' controversial decision, stating that "The answer is we do what we want, when we want, as long as Jesus on our side everything worked out fine and gona [sic] continue to be fine" and the infant was "awake and well secured on my train." 

The newlyweds' wedding coordinator, Kaye Jordan, commented that the choice to strap their newborn to the dress has significant historical value: "It indicates the dedication of her mother (and father) toward caring for her child and family...A GOOD mother takes her child wherever she goes, even down the aisle." One guest, Pamela Stone, wrote that the moment even "brought tears to my eyes."

Photo Credit: Shona Carter-Brooks on Facebook via The Daily Mail

However, many online commentators are arguing that the couple should be reported to child protection services. (Carter-Brooks also has another daughter named Jania.) Thankfully, the infant wasn't hurt but we're appalled that someone would put their child's health at risk just for the sake of having a memorable wedding-day debut.

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— Stefania Sainato