5 Sexpert-Approved Tips for a Hotter Honeymoon

Sexpert Dr. Laura Deitsch, resident sexologist of online adult product platform Vibrant, weighs-in on ways to make your honeymoon hotter than ever.


1. Get in Position 

Positions for honeymoon sex are as varied as each couple. Some classic go-to honeymoon moves are ones that bring the couple closer together, so the newlyweds can gaze longingly into each other's eyes. Find a favorite move and stick with it, or try something new!

Ultimately, having a great sense of humor and good communication are the keys to making any position fun. There's so much hype about the first night together as Mr. and Mrs. that things are bound to go wrong, and the most successful couples are able to pivot from the inevitable snafu and course correct.

2. Know What to Expect 

Weddings are usually exhausting exercises in compromise and energy. A pre-wedding night conversation about expectations is a great idea! Be frank about how big a chunk of your trip you want spent between the sheets. It's easier to make sure your intimacy preferences (likes and dislikes!) are known beforehand rather than while you're in the middle of getting it on. 

Also, plan a honeymoon with downtime — lounge in your room or find a romantic nook to just be together without distraction. Make sure each partner gets their needs met as much as possible. 

3. Lube, Lube, Lube

Slow it down and pay extra attention to simply arousing your partner. If not during this special time, when? The honeymoon should be about exploration, patience, and learning each other's bodies. Lube is your friend and can help you feel more comfortable, but substitutes are not a great option. Stay clear of products claiming coconut oil is body safe. For many women, it just isn't. 

Also, no one wants a UTI on the most romantic trip of their life! There's something to be said for cranberry pills and drinking some cranberry juice occasionally throughout the trip. 

4. Wet N' Wild

How do you stay protected while getting busy in the water? Any existing hormonal contraception works (including the pill, patch, ring, IUD, implant, shot), but contraceptive jellies and foams are an obvious no-go. Condoms could work but the water could make for too much friction and cause burning or irritation. In the hot tub, a condom is a bad idea because of the high temperature of the water and all the chemicals.  So, the best, irritation-free option is probably a hormonal contraception.

5. Keep it Hot 

Grab a copy of your favorite steamy book and tear out ideas you want to reenact, or find a couples-only game to play to keep things hot. Watch naughty movies and compare notes as to what you each liked and didn't. Share fantasies. Read erotica together. Most importantly, check in with each other about whether or not needs are being met, and never let sexy time get boring or routine.

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