8 Beauty Tools That'll Make Your Life Easier

Turn to these fab finds for the best big-day beauty solutions.


Effortless at-home beauty that goes beyond skin-deep: Supercharge your marry-me look with foolproof gadgets that will give you professional results.

Hair Removal

FDA-approved SmoothSkin Bare+ delivers 97% hair reduction with continued at-home use. This user-friendly IPL hair removal system can complete a full-body treatment in ten minutes.

smoothskin bare


Unclog Pores

Repêchage Ultrasonic Skin Spatula utilizes ultrasonic waves at 24000 Hz per second to gently unclog pores, deliver products deeper into the skin, and tone the face.

repechage ultrasonic skin spatula

Safer Hair Styling

The Dyson Airwrap dries and styles hair using high velocity jets of air rather than extreme heat. Multiple attachments offer a variety of style options.

dyson airwrap

Longer-Lasting Manicures

Achieve chip-proof manicures at home with Nailboo’s simple three-step system — sans UV or LED light! The custom dip powder is lightweight, but durable.


Nail Grooming

Bellasonic Advanced Nail Grooming System has a patented oscillating head for precise and gentle shaping, smoothing, buffing and shining.

bellasonic advanced nail grooming system

Natural Self Tanner

Temptu Air and Infinite Summer self-tanner deliver an easy-to-control mist for an even tan. It’s quick to apply, there’s no chemical smell, and the airpod is refillable.

tempu air self tanner

Skin Corrector

Operating at a wavelength of 660nm, SolaWave Red Light LED Device can prevent breakouts, heal existing scarring and reduce discoloration.

sp;awave red light led device

Brighter Skin

Droplette effectively delivers serum capsules into a fast-moving mist that can be absorbed up to 20 cell-layers deep, improving elasticity and brightness, and evening out skin tone