Bridal Beauty: A Two-Week Countdown

Your wedding is two weeks away! Here, beauty experts chime in on down-to-the-wire ways to look your best on the big day.

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Two Weeks Before: Final Trim & Color:
Two weeks before the wedding is the perfect time to book your final trim and any needed color touch-ups.

Akira Yamane of Eiji Salon recommends getting a clear gloss treatment. Glossing closes the hair’s outermost cuticle while it conditions and locks in color, leaving a silky smooth texture that will reflect a lot more light and leave strands with a softer feel. The result: head-spinningly shiny hair!

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10 Days Before: Teeth Whitening
According to Beverly Hills celebrity cosmetic dentist Dr. Kevin Sands, "the best time to get your teeth whitened is 10 days before the wedding, to allow for some time to pass in case there is any posttreatment sensitivity."

After whitening avoid stainers like coffee, red wine and dark colas. At home, try Rembrandt Deeply White 2 Hour Whitening Kit to whiten in just one go.

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One Week Before: Waxing
A perfectly arched brow can be as transformative as an eyelift, sculpting and defining the face. Book your wax 7-10 days prior to avoid any redness or swelling. If you encounter a skin reaction, you’ll have enough time to heal.

According to esthetician Pamela Jeschonik, founder of EyebrowMBA, "timing is critical for facial waxing due to all the wedding pics, but it’s just as important for waxing below the belt. No one wants to have irritated skin on her honeymoon!"

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4 Days Before: Cleanse
Drinking lots of water helps to detoxify the skin, giving you an amazing glow! In these final days before the wedding, stay away from salt, alcohol and carbonated drinks, which can make you puffy and bloated. This would be the ideal time to try a 3-day juice cleanse.

BluePrint Cleanse, with its strong celebrity following, offers a variety of wedding-worthy regimes to promote radiant skin, increase energy levels and improve sleep. The Renovation (beginner-level) cleanse is perfect for newbies. It begins with fresh greens and ends with yummy cashew milk.

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Three Days Before: Spray Tan
Cheat your way to a flawless glow with a spray tan. Make sure you ask the tanning technician to give you a color that is a "healthy" or "golden" glow as opposed to a deep tan. The aim is for your skin to look bridal radiant, and not like an über-tan reality TV star.

Plan your time to allow 12 hours afterward with no showers or tight-fitting clothes. Airbrush tans take approximately 24 hours to fully develop and often are darkest on day two.

Scheduling your session 3 days before your wedding will allow the spray tan to achieve peak perfection. Extend the life of your faux glow by moisturizing daily. Fake Bake Skin Smoothie extends the life of your tan.

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wedding bouquetOne Day Before: Manicure
All eyes will be on you, and especially on your hands as you carry the bouquet, cut the cake and show off your sparkling ring all day. Ensure that your nails are clean and beautifully polished.

Make it a fun event and go to the salon with your bridesmaids the day before so you can coordinate colors.

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