Keep the Weight Off After Your Wedding

Lost weight for the wedding? Read our tips to avoid falling off the healthy-eating wagon and keep the weight off once the honeymoon is over.

Make Real Meals Together

It takes some planning and work, but it’s worth it! Discuss what kinds of foods the two of you like and dislike and who will cook and who will clean every night. If one of you is a passionate cook, that person may want to take on more of the cooking, though the cleaning will fall to the non-cook.(But yes, it's OK to switch off!)

Start Your Day with Protein

Have two scrambled eggs or a high-protein cereal. Protein stimulates the brain and regulates blood sugar. It can also help with sugary or fatty food cravings.

Brown Bag Your Lunch

You’ll save money and eat healthier! When bringing food from home, you can customize your meal to your specific dietary needs, without having to worry if what you’re eating is good for you or not.

Invest in New Cookbooks

Or go online and search for interesting ideas. Don’t bore yourselves with the same recipes! Experiment with different spices or flavors and dress up some of your basic dishes.

Eat at Home as Often as Possible

Restaurant portions are often huge, and you can’t control the ingredients being used during preparation (think about all that extra oil and butter!). Instead, relax and hang out at home. After you eat your dinner, make a snack and watch a movie together. Just remember to keep your snacks healthy. A few waist-friendly examples include:

  • Mix of nuts and seeds
  • An apple with a small chuck of cheese
  • Baby carrots and hummus
  • Celery and salsa
  • Nut butter with high-fiber crackers
  • Apple slices dipped in honey and topped with cinnamon