How One Couple Lost 200 Pounds Together—and Kept it Off

Weight loss success story: Kyle and Becky Turnow.

couple lost 200 pounds

As Kyle and Becky Turnow approach their one-year anniversary on April 30, they have another reason to celebrate—together, they have lost (and kept off!) 203 pounds!

Kyle, who had struggled with his weight since childhood, reached his heaviest of 325 pounds in the summer of 2007. His turning point was when his weight began to interfere with his job as a robotics technician. “Working in a clean room, I have to change into protective clothing upon entering, and this was becoming a difficult task—to the point that taking a break was more work (dressing and undressing) than working!”

When his workplace offered a Weight Watchers program with incentives based on weight loss and attendance, Kyle decided to join.

“In the years leading up to joining Weight Watchers, I had gained weight fairly rapidly,” said Kyle. “I had lost about 70 pounds on my own plan, but shortly thereafter, I had gained it all back—and then some.”

Becky met Kyle soon after he joined Weight Watchers. “I began cooking meals for him, and after seeing how easy the meals were to prepare, I decided to join, too!” she said.

At her heaviest, Becky weighed 230 pounds. “I have always struggled with my weight,” she said. “My turning point was being put on high blood pressure medication at such a young age. It scared me, and I knew I had to do something about it.”

Together, the couple helped each other to make the lifestyle change necessary to achieve long-term weight loss—and keep it off. In addition to their diet change, they joined their local YMCA together and began exercising regularly.

“I knew that I needed to lose weight before, I just didn’t know how,” said Becky. “Doing Weight Watchers together was the best thing that could have ever happened. We keep each other on track and help each other. It’s fun planning meals together, and it helps to have someone there when you’re struggling.”

After a year and a half on the program, 6’1” Kyle reached his lifetime goal weight of 200 pounds—losing a grand total of 125 pounds. He has maintained that weight loss for three years.

Kyle’s biggest tip for weight loss success? “Have a weight loss partner. There will be times where you have questions or ideas, and a partner who is following the same plan will be very helpful.” Participating together also helped with accountability; they avoided having trigger foods in the house, and it added a little fun competition into the process. “It has been great to have someone holding you accountable; it’s almost like having a meeting leader right at home!”

It wasn’t all smooth sailing, though. “Once I hit the 50-pounds-lost mark, I started to think I knew everything,” said Becky. “I quickly learned that no one was going to lose the rest of the weight for me; I had to continue to work hard.”

Kyle’s biggest struggle: “I can usually stick to plan all week, but weekends and social events can be troubling for me,” said Kyle. “I do not let myself get out of control. I always remember, it is one meal. After the meal, I’m back on track! Getting off track seems to motivate me to get more exercise in.”

Kyle proposed to Becky in January of 2010, and the upcoming wedding helped Becky work past her plateau.

“I wanted to look my absolute best on my wedding day,” she said. “This gave me motivation to kick it up a notch and lose the rest of the weight.”

During the wedding planning, Becky stayed focused on her weight-loss goals and, on the day of the wedding, she was four pounds shy of her ultimate goal weight. At first, she was upset about not reaching her goal. “But I learned to see how far I had come,” said Becky. “This is not a race… I had changed my life, and that was something to be proud of.”

“I learned very early on that you have to celebrate little goals and always look at how far you’ve come. If you spend too much time beating yourself up, you’ll never get anywhere,” she said. “Always remember, tomorrow is a new day!”

After the honeymoon, Becky immediately refocused on hitting her lifetime goal, and she achieved it—and is now 3 pounds below her goal weight!

“I had made so many wonderful changes in my life. I put myself first, which was the first step of this journey.”

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