Hot Honeymoon Sex

We've got 10 ways to make honeymoon sex sensationally steamy. Plus, how to pack the fun and bring it home.

6. Be a tease.

Kiss him, pet him, touch him, grab him. Sure, he knows he's getting the prize in the end, but the more you tease him and build up to the actual event, the more raucous the romp will be. "Sex play and intercourse are two separate things," explains Cadell. So instead of running back to your hotel room every time you're feeling sexy, just let him know subtly - or maybe not so subtly - how you're feeling. "If you are sitting across from each other in beach chairs, try massaging him through his shorts with your toes," suggests Rocco. It's your honeymoon, after all.

In the real world: "Accidentally" touch him when he's least expecting it—especially when you're doing mundane things like washing the dishes or brushing your teeth. It'll let him know that you're available to him—and that sex is on your mind, too.

7. Play with toys.

Leave the Barbies at home, but definitely do pack the vibrators, blindfolds, whatever you like. "Get yourself a whole basket of sex toys," suggests Cadell. You may have a few new items already, thanks to your bachelorette party. "Vibrators are great if you're making love in a position in which the penis doesn't directly stimulate the clitoris," says Cadell. "The most important thing is to have fun," says Rocco. Isn't that what you're there for, anyway?

In the real world: The next time you send him off to pick up bread and milk, add "creative sex toy of your choice" to his shopping list. It'll make a fun diversion for him in the supermarket - he'll be able to find everything from a feather duster to a can of whipped cream there - and it'll insure that he comes straight home with those groceries.

8. Get mouthy.

Guys love oral sex, period. Whether you're a complete novice or know all the right moves, if you're willing to give, he'll be more than happy to receive—and to reciprocate. "Enthusiasm is far more important than technique," says Kuriansky. The basic thing to remember is that his penis is simply an extension of the rest of him. "You should kiss, touch and love it the way you would every other part of his body," says Cadell. The most drive-him-wild destination on a man is his frenulum, a spot on the underside of the penis that looks almost like a seam. Licking and sucking that spot will send him spiraling into seventh heaven. To get his pulse really racing, suck on a piece of ice or take a sip of hot tea before going down on him. The sudden temperature change will send him into utter ecstasy.

In the real world: Raid the fridge for food and drink to add flavor to the festivities. For example, try squeezing a fresh mango over his penis, or massaging him with chocolate pudding and then licking it off. Just be sure, of course, to choose something you like to eat—and something that won't make him break out in hives.

9. Get in touch with yourself.

Masturbation is just plain erotic—especially when you're doing it simultaneously. But even more important, it's a great way to teach your hubby how you like to be touched—and to learn his personal hand technique, too. "It's a very important part of your sexual knowledge," says Rocco. So go ahead, reach down there, and have him do the same. And be sure to keep your eyes open, so you can share the experience. "Tell your lover what you're thinking," says Cadell. Once you've taught him how to master your masturbation style, just think of all the other, less intricate things he'll be able to learn (like how to change a roll of toilet paper!).

In the real world: Not in the mood for intercourse, but still feeling hot and bothered? Cuddle up with your cutie for some tandem touching. What a nice way to fall asleep together!

10. Go G-spot hunting.

Every man wants to find it, and every woman wants to be sure she has it. Your honeymoon is a great time to go exploring. "The G-spot is usually located about one-and-a-half inches inside the vagina," says Cadell, "about a third of the way between the vaginal opening and the cervix." You'll know you've found it when you feel a spot with a ridged texture that responds to gentle stroking. (Some women will even ejaculate.) But it really doesn't matter if you find the Golden Fleece or not, the pleasure is in the pursuit. "It's a great excuse to try different positions and experiment," says Rocco. And if you don't hook the big one right away, just think of it as the perfect ploy go fishing again later.

In the real world: Keep that pursuit of happiness alive. You may be back to the daily grind workwise, but that doesn't mean fun time should be the same-old, same-old. Spend one night a week trying new ways to bring each other to orgasm. Lick, stroke, suck, nibble and touch your way to mutual euphoria. And don't worry if you can never quite find that super spot. After all, it's not whether you win or lose, it's how you play the game.