10 Beautiful DIY Hairstyles to Wear to a Wedding

Easy, elegant do-it-yourself looks that will last you through wedding season...and beyond.

8. Twisted Side Ponytail

Show off a bedazzled or asymmetrical neckline with this sideswept style. A clear elastic band and a pretty hair clip keep the look polished.

diy wedding hair
Created by Missy Sue on Latest-Hairstyles.com

Get the Look: 

1. Starting with clean hair, part the hair on the right side then brush it all over the left shoulder.
2. Next, separate out a section of hair from the part down to the left ear and clip this aside to use later.
3. Take the hair on the right side and begin rolling the hair upwards towards the top of the head, creating a twist.
4. Continue rolling the hair upwards as you work your way across the back of the head towards the left side, adding in hair as you go.
5. Once all the hair is twisted and on the left side of the head, let down the section of hair pinned in step two. 
6. Take the loose section of hair and wrap it around the twisted portion creating a wrapped, side ponytail.
7. Grab a clear elastic band and wrap it over the entire ponytail to hold it all together. (Note: The hair wrapped around the ponytail will hide the elastic band and the band will hold it all in place.)
8. Next, fix any pieces in the front by pulling out your bangs or a few strands of hair near the ears.
9. Add in a pretty hair accessory if desired.
10. Finish with hairspray to keep everything in place.

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