Real Couples' Wedding Registries

It's time to set up your home. Here, four couples share their best tips and gift ideas.

Real Couple Registry #1: Dillard's
The Couple: 
Michelle Garner and Michael Bennett
Wedding Date: October 4, 2014

dillards registry

Why did you choose Dillard’s? 
Dillard’s was a part of my upbringing! It was my mother’s favorite store and we shopped there often, so it was the obvious registry choice.

Did you register online or in the store?
Both. There are additional options online, so we took advantage of that as well.

Did you register together?
Definitely — Michael wanted to make sure we got everything he wanted like a waffle maker and a steamer!

What registry advice do you have for other couples?
Make sure that the items you select match the reality of how you live. And don’t register at more than three stores: It will not only make it easier on yourself but also on your guests.

Did you consider price when registering?
Absolutely. If it wasn’t an amount we were willing to spend on ourselves, we weren’t comfortable asking our loved ones to do so.

You chose quite a few breakfast-related items. Is this one of your favorite meals?
We love breakfast! And we like to have “Friday Night Bacon Night,” which is basically breakfast for dinner. It’s our belief that breakfast isn’t always served best in the morning.

What was the best part about registering?
It was fun to fantasize about what we wanted and how we saw it in our home. It felt like going off to college or moving into your first apartment — except this time, we’re adults and building a life together.

Real Couple #2: Macy's
The Couple:
Gina Cassaro and Dominick Gramuglia 
Wedding Date:
June 21, 2014

macys registry

Why did you register at Macy’s? 
I’m an avid Macy’s shopper and knew it would be the perfect place to register.

Tell us about your registry process.
We researched online first and then went to the store, where the consultants were super-helpful. We were also online daily adding and removing items.

What registry advice do you have for other couples?
Scan away! You can never register for enough items. I had to add additional pieces up until the day of my shower.

Did you consider price when registering?
I did, and with Macy’s sales and specials, I knew my guests could take full advantage of those opportunities to get the best deals.

You included lots of dinnerware. Do you plan to use these items regularly?
Yes, and we purposely selected items that are a little less formal and provide more versatility for every occasion.

Do you plan to purchase any items not received?
Absolutely! Macy’s has an amazing rewards program and also offers additional discounts on items not received.

What was the best part about registering?
Sharing the experience together. We both went from living at home to setting up our own home. It also doesn’t hurt to open some fabulous gifts!

Real Couple #3: Bed Bath and Beyond
The Couple: Kady Berman and Brian Burke
Wedding Date: July 25, 2014

bed bath and beyond registry

Why did you choose Bed, Bath & Beyond?
We love that the store offers a wide variety of all the essentials that a newlywed couple would need. 

Did you register online or in the store? 
We initially registered in the store and added more items online. It was helpful to choose some of the most crucial items in person, like our formal china, silverware, flatware, and pots and pans. 

Tell us about your registry process.
We only made one visit to the store, and the consultant made the process very enjoyable. We also consulted our parents, since they always thought of items we forgot!

Did you register together?
We did. Brian is definitely the chef in our home, so he wanted to be a part of choosing anything related to cooking, dining, and entertaining. I am also really lucky that Brian happens to have great taste!

Were there any items that Brian especially wanted? 
Brian hand-picked all of the cookware, knives, and barware (he likes to have his beer and cocktails in just the right glass!). Did I mention he cleans, too? The Electrolux vacuum was his choice. 

You chose quite a few barware items.
Do you plan to entertain a lot? We love having our friends and family over. Brian cooks and I like to set the stage for the food and drinks. We’ve also done a lot of winetasting and appreciate the importance of a decanter. There’s something about serving wine in a decanter and setting out a nice cheese board that always leaves friends impressed.

What was the best part about registering?
It’s fun to go through the process together and make choices that reflect our style. We really started to imagine our future as a married couple as we chose all of the beautiful items that will soon be in our home.

Real Couple #4: JCPenney
The Couple: Dayna Jenkins and Austin Berthelot
Wedding Date: July 14, 2014

jcpenney registry

Why did you register at JCPenney?
The quality! Both of our parents still use JCPenney items that they received as wedding gifts over 25 years ago.

Did you register online or in the store?
Since we live over two hours apart, we chose to do the majority of the registering online. We chose items together via telephone with our computers on. It was like shopping together, only in cyberspace!

Were there any items that Austin wanted?
He enjoys cooking and chose lots of kitchen gadgets, like the Kitchen Air 17-piece Gadget and Tool Set. And he’s ready to get creative with the Presto Pizzazz rotating oven.

What registry advice would you give to other couples?
Enjoy it! Make a list of items you need, and select a few things to splurge on. It’s also helpful to ask friends and family what items they use regularly.

Did you consider price when registering?
Yes. We wanted to select items in everyone’s price range.

You chose quite a few baking items. Is this a favorite pastime?
I love to bake and am hoping to get all of the Cake Boss items. Austin is a professional firefighter, so I plan on sending goodies to his workplace pretty often.

If you don’t receive everything will you purchase those items after the wedding?
Absolutely. And having the list already done should make holiday shopping worry-free!