4 Things You'll Wish You Put On Your Registry

Registering for gifts is one of the most enjoyable parts of wedding planning. It’s the perfect opportunity to add unique gifts that reflect both of your interests and cater to your lifestyle.

kitchen home decor
Photo: Jennifer Levy

Guests are going to want to give gifts that you will truly love and appreciate, so taking the time to create a meaningful registry will certainly be worth it! Here, Nook+Cove Founder and CEO Silpa Yadla shares four things that you’ll definitely want to include on your registry.

1. Stylish Décor

Whether you already live together or not, you should certainly consider upgrading your home with décor that reflects both of your styles. The time has finally come to update the bachelor pad with stylish throw pillows, a beautiful rug, or perhaps statement artwork. When you create a registry at Nook+Cove, you will be able to choose décor pieces from a wide variety of home retailers such as Crate&Barrel, Pottery Barn, Anthropologie, and many more all under one registry.

2. Cash

Some guests might be hesitant to give cash as a wedding gift, claiming that it "doesn’t feel special." But when you let your guests know the story behind your asking for cash, that tends to make the personal connection that they are looking for. Whether you create a honeymoon fund, a down payment fund, or an education fund, when you provide guests with specifics as to how their contributions will be used, they will be more inclined to gift what you are asking for.

3. Furniture

Including larger furniture pieces on wedding registries is becoming a more common practice and quite popular nowadays. The proper way to do so is to make sure that the registry allows you to convert those gifts into a group gift. This enables guests to contribute their desired amount towards more expensive gifts allowing you to ask for that bed or couch you’ve had your eye on. Whether you need one furniture piece to complete a room or want an entire home makeover, the Nook+Cove Registry has beautiful designer curated pieces in a range of styles to help create the home of your dreams!

4. Experiences

Many couples nowadays live together before the wedding and already have everything they need for the home. Traditional gifts might not be as exciting (or as necessary) as they once used to be. Asking guests to gift experiences that you will enjoy together might be more meaningful and thoughtful to receive as well as to gift. Whether it's an outdoor adventure, a wine tasting, or a romantic dinner, an experience gift will certainly help you create memories that will last a lifetime!