Wedding Costs: Where Does All the Money Go?

We asked wedding planners around the country to give us the breakdown on how couples are spending — and saving.

Budget Breakdown in the South

The Venue: 13%
A number of Southern brides turn to distinctive landmarks, such as historic homes or museums, as their wedding venue. By booking in off-peak months — generally, January, February, July and August — Tara Skinner, co-owner of Savannah, GA-based Posh Petals and Pearls, says brides might secure the venue of their dreams on a slimmer budget.

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Food and Beverage: 33% 
Skinner advises couples to monitor the rental costs required to outfit special locations like mansions and museums. In some (but not all) cases, an all-inclusive, hotel-based reception might be the more economical move. "Do your homework to find out which option is best for you and your budget," Skinner says, adding that, regardless of one’s venue, Southern couples can’t forget to account for another local tradition — the groom’s cake — in their food and beverage budget. Browse 40 amazing grooms' cakes ►

Photography and Video: 16%
Many photographers and videographers offer packages providing complete files of images or raw footage. While that option might intrigue couples with a creative bent, Skinner urges brides to be realistic. "If you choose a disc of images over a finished wedding album, you will save money initially, but will you actually see your DIY album or video project through?"

Entertainment: 9% 
Though many couples view entertainment as the place where they can trim the budget, Skinner advises her clients to consider the entertainer’s talent and service alongside the cost. "It’s essential to have an entertainer who understands a wedding’s flow and tone as well as one who can emcee the celebration with poise and professionalism."

Rentals: 17%
Some of the most unique Southern venues are blank canvases requiring rental of both specialty and basic items, including linens. If you find must-have (but pricey) linens, Skinner suggests using them only on high-visibility areas, such as the cake table.

Flowers: 12% 
Skinner’s tip: "Consider repurposing your bridesmaids’ bouquets for later use at the reception. It’s a great way to save money without sacrificing style." Check out more clever wedding tricks to simplify your life ►

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