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  • Macrame Wedding Ceremony Decor

    Macramé is back and better than ever. This art of knotting cord or string to make unique patterns first gained popularity in the '60s and '70s, and it's enjoying a renaissance right now in home décor and in weddings. Here, check out 35 ways to bohemian brides are including macramé in their weddings.

  • pink ombre wedding centerpiece flowers

    When it comes to your centerpieces. the vessel that holds your flowers is just as important as the blooms inside. The right container will help set the tone for your reception. So say goodbye to clear glass and say hello to one of these 35 creative ideas.

  • Spring Wedding Decor

    A playful mix of classic décor and whimsical touches enlivens this chic coastal celebration.

  • Jurassic Park Themed Wedding

    Steven Spielberg's blockbuster hit takes center-aisle in Courtney and Bill’s roaring nuptials.

  • Jackie O Problems

    Instagram star and cohost of the popular YouTube talk show, The Morning Toast, Jackie Oshry married her long-time love, Zachary Weinreb, at the Pierre Hotel in New York City this weekend.

  • Edible Wedding Favors

    From confectionary concoctions to flavorful mini Proseccos, find wedding favors that even the pickiest invitees will like!

  • Wedding Cocktails

    12 festive drink ideas sure to raise your spirits. Cheers!

  • Football Wedding

    If you and your boo love America’s favorite pastime as much as one another, find all of the inspiration you need to add the sport to your big day with these fun ideas.


  • Valentine's Day Gifts

    For your squad, your boo, or simply, you, these gifts will have you feeling all of the feels this heart-shaped season.


  • Reception Trends

    Here's a look back at some of our favorite reception trends that emerged (or held strong) in 2018, and that we're looking forward to seeing more of in years to come.