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  • When most people dream about their wedding décor, they're envisioning never-ending cascades of florals and romantic lighting displays. But something as simple as a piece of paper used in a unique way can transform your wedding décor from ordinary to extraordinary. 

  • How do you choose the perfect photo for your thank-you cards? Make your job easier by planning ahead and taking a picture specifically for your cards. Here, 20 creative ideas we love.

  • The white wedding cake is so underrated — its traditional reputation is often pushed aside in favor of the bold and the beautiful seen on today's modern cakes, rife with color, unexpected details, and trendy adornments. But that's not to say white hasn’t got flair of its own 

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    You don't have to wed in the tropics to bring paradise to your wedding — it's easy enough to infuse with the right décor.

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    Take your color cues from these bright ideas: Pretty pastels, gleaming metallics, and vivid brights.

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    Make your wedding stand out from the rest by adding a few of these ideas your guests will love.

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    Stylist, BG home editor, and trendspotter Robin Zachary finds inspiration in pieces with modern, vintage style.

  • In honor of Father's Day, here are 75 of our favorite wedding-day photos of brides with their dads.

  • backyard wedding ideas

    There’s something about a simple affair held in the privacy of one’s yard that is nothing but charming. Intimate and casual, a backyard wedding has all the perks of a friendly price point and a familial feel.