50 Must-Have Beach Wedding Photos

Nothing says paradise like the sand between your toes and the sea salt in your hair. Lucky for you beach brides, there’s no shortage of picture-perfect beach backdrops, no matter your destination. From the lighthouses of Cape Cod and the vivid hues of the Caribbean to the tropical surroundings of Hawaii and the romantic coastlines of Australia, we’ve rounded up some of the best beach photos for your must-have wedding shot list. 

By: Hillary Hoffower

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  • The Playful Shot

    The Playful Shot

    Some husbands carry their new brides into the house, some carry them into the ocean. This playful image is fun, happy, and whimsical.

  • The Blacked-Out Silhouette Shot

    The Blacked-Out Silhouette Shot

    Black silhouettes emphasize the painted skies as the sun drowns in the horizon leaving its last golden rays.

  • The Sexy Shot

    The Sexy Shot

    Kissing on the tideline as the waves break and then roll out — it doesn't get much sexier than this.

    Photo Credit: Connection Photography

  • The Beach Creatures Shot

    The Beach Creatures Shot

    Snap a shot with the beach’s friendly creatures. These seagulls form a lively frame around this loving couple.

  • The Sand Dunes Shot

    The Sand Dunes Shot

    Whispy grass, sand dunes, and a sliver of the seashore create a magical effect made all the more ethereal by the rays of the setting sun.

    Photo Credit: Dave & Charlotte

  • The Lone Rock Shot

    The Lone Rock Shot

    Even without the sun, an overcast beach can be breathtaking, and an oversized rock is the perfect pedestal for a photo op.

    Photo Credit: Sara Byrne

  • The Reflection Shot

    The Reflection Shot

    This shot is all frills and fun. Capture your reflection in the high tide for a double take.

    Photo Credit: Concept Photography

  • The Movie Shot

    The Movie Shot

    “If you’re a bird, I’m a bird.” We love this Notebook-esque shot that can be replicated along any shoreline.

    Photo Credit: Angie Diaz Photography

  • The Sunset Shot

    The Sunset Shot

    Rose pink and vivid orange hues make for a dreamy sunset as the ball of brightness disappears below the skyline and leaves just the two of you.

    Photo Credit: Michelle Turner 

  • The Splash Shot

    The Splash Shot

    For a sparkling backdrop, catch the ocean splash behind you as waves meet rocks for a fabulous shot.

    Photo Credit: We Are the Brauns

  • The Profile Shot

    The Profile Shot

    A profile shot can capture the beauty of the ocean plus, with a little help from the wind, your veil and dress billowing behind you.

  • The Sandy Shot

    The Sandy Shot

    Plop down in the sand and act like the camera’s not even there. In this shot, pink skies soften the neutral palette provided by the beach and bride and groom’s attire.

    Photo Credit: Hyer Images

  • The Sandy Feet Shot

    The Sandy Feet Shot

    This angle is just plain fun. Nothing says beach like sandy feet.

  • The Nautical Shot

    The Nautical Shot

    A sailboat is the perfect prop for a photo op by seashore.

  • The Bluffs Shot

    The Bluffs Shot

    If your beach backdrop boasts this kind of natural setting, don't miss out on the magic of the ocean spray and jagged coastline.

  • The Bird

    The Bird's Eye View

    You don’t have to be standing on the beach to get a great beach shot. The views can be even more breathtaking when admiring from above.

    Photo Credit: Richard Grainger

  • The Bedrock Shot

    The Bedrock Shot

    This bedrock serves as a good metaphor for any marriage and adds a romantic, rugged look to this must-have beach photo.

    Photo Credit: Photo by Betsy

  • The Beach Trees Shot

    The Beach Trees Shot

    A gorgeous beach tree graveyard offers a unique, artistic background for any photo.

  • The Aerial Shot

    The Aerial Shot

    The aerial shot can offer dazzling views of any ocean scenery. 

    Photo Credit: Angie Diaz Photography

  • The Ambiance Light Shot

    The Ambiance Light Shot

    Utilize the soft lights and white ambiance cast by a bright, setting sun. 

  • The Coastline Shot

    The Coastline Shot

    Crashing waves, a widespread coastline, and rugged scenery make for dramatic views for your photos.

    Photo Credit: Gaby J Photography

  • The Carefree Shot

    The Carefree Shot

    Capture the carefree and laidback vibes of your beach wedding by dancing your heart out.

  • The Boulders Shot

    The Boulders Shot

    Be bold and step out onto boulders of a rocky shoreline for a gorgeous pic. 

    Photo Credit: Ashley Bosnick / Wedding Planner/Stylist: Elena Damy

  • The Running Shot

    The Running Shot

    Who says you can’t get a workout in on your wedding day? This couple looks like they’re running toward happiness against a backdrop of stunning blue sky and rippling sea. 

    Photo Credit: The Uppermost

  • The Walk-on-the-Beach Shot

    The Walk-on-the-Beach Shot

    Because every great romance should begin with a long walk on the beach.

  • The Trash-the-Dress Shot

    The Trash-the-Dress Shot

    If you’re game for it, take a swim into the wild blue and capture that moment it all came together. 

    Photo Credit: Del Sol Photography

  • The Perspective Shot

    The Perspective Shot

    With the faraway perspective switched to an angle from down below, the effects of the gentle shoreline, bluff, and sun basking this couple in its heavenly rays are all the more ethereal.

    Photo Credit: Studio Impressions

  • The Tide Pools Shot

    The Tide Pools Shot

    Take a trip back into childhood and wade through the tide pools with your partner for a fun, whimsical photo.

  • The Breathtaking Sunset Shot

    The Breathtaking Sunset Shot

    A photograph or a painting? If you're lucky enough, you'll get one of these amazing shots of a vivid, colorful sky to serve as your backdrop. 

  • The Perfect Kiss Shot

    The Perfect Kiss Shot

    A beach setting makes the perfect backdrop for a romantic kiss shot.

    Photo Credit: Tamiz Photography

  • The Daring In-The-Water Shot

    The Daring In-The-Water Shot

    This couple sure wasn’t afraid to get wet! A bit sensual, a bit romantic, this photo is full of love, if you dare. 

  • The Repose Shot

    The Repose Shot

    It’s a long day — snuggle up with your groom in a hammock, chair, or anywhere you can take a few moments to relax and enjoy the your day.

    Photo Credit: Chris Glenn

  • The Glamour Shot

    The Glamour Shot

    It’s not all about the ocean — this couple knows how to rock the craggy coastline (pun intended). Get comfortable on an outcropping of rocks for a glamorous shot.

    Photo Credit: Angie Diaz Photography

  • The Unique Shot

    The Unique Shot

    Take advantage of any unique characteristics of your beach setting. An abandoned railroad that butts up against this stretch of ocean adds a unique element to this romantic photo. 

    Photo Credit: Studio Impressions

  • The Fairy Tale Shot

    The Fairy Tale Shot

    Hidden coves and secret caverns create mythical backdrops for the perfect otherworldly shot.

    Photo Credit: Studio Impressions

  • The Perfect Dusk Shot

    The Perfect Dusk Shot

    As sunset fades into a canopy of darkness, sneak away from your reception for one last photo during the beach’s quietest hours. Make sure you’re illuminated by lights for a magical effect.

  • The Driftwood Shot

    The Driftwood Shot

    Using driftwood as a prop adds an extra fun touch, while a shore scattered with pebbles, rocks, and branches adds a bit of texture.

    Photo Credit: We Are the Brauns

  • The Far Out Shot

    The Far Out Shot

    A panned-out view best incorporates the lavishness of an endlessly colorful sky and tranquil seas into your photos.

  • The Climbing Tree Shot

    The Climbing Tree Shot

    Climbing trees isn’t just for kids — use one as a podium for your love.

  • The Craggy Beach Shot

    The Craggy Beach Shot

    This one is for the couple with adventure in their hearts. 

    Photo Credit: Angie Diaz Photography

  • The Close-Up Shot

    The Close-Up Shot

    A close-up shot with the beach blurred in the background zeros in on the couple’s emotions captured against a beautiful setting.

    Photo Credit: Emily Magers

  • The Cliffs Shot

    The Cliffs Shot

    If your beach setting affords this kind of view, you'll need little else to create incredible photos.

    Photo Credit: Studio Impressions

  • The Candid Shot

    The Candid Shot

    The best moments are often unstaged. Blanket or no blanket, take a seat on the sand to capture some intimate memories.

    Photo Credit: Indwell Weddings / Dresses: Made With Love Bridal / Flowers: Male Flores

  • The Panoramic Shot

    The Panoramic Shot

    Perched on coastal boulders with a stretch of open blue skies and seas laid out before them, this couple looks like they’re on top of the world. 

    Photo Credit: Kellie Kano

  • The Palm Trees Shot

    The Palm Trees Shot

    Silhouetted palm trees create the perfect arch for the setting sun and doting couple.

    Photo Credit: Concept Photography

  • The Greenery Shot

    The Greenery Shot

    An overhang of palms in the foreground elegantly frames this bride and groom.

    Photo Credit: Studio Impressions

  • The Docks Shot

    The Docks Shot

    Take a stroll out onto the docks for some seaside fun in your photos.

  • The Ocean Waves Shot

    The Ocean Waves Shot

    Luscious, rippling waves of sapphire set a majestic scenery you’ll want to capture.

    Photo Credit: The Uppermost

  • The Hand-In-Hand Shot

    The Hand-In-Hand Shot

    Now this groom is a true gentleman, carrying his Cinderella’s glass slippers as they walk hand-in-hand down the beach.

  • The Horizon Shot

    The Horizon Shot

    The horizon has never looked so bright. This picture says, “Together, we’ve got this.”

    Photo Credit: Concept Photography

50 Must-Have Beach Wedding Photos


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