Showers + Parties

  • Who says bridal showers have to be ho-hum? Modern brides are spicing up an age-old tradition by incorporating their favorite colors, places or interests.

  • If a traditional getaway just isn't her speed, try one of these fun and modern celebrations she'll love.

  • Magically transport your guests to the rolling countryside of Tuscany with these "la vita è bella" ideas.

  • Lauren’s offbeat shower theme was inspired by the iconic "For Like, Ever" poster, which she made into a wooden sign for her wedding ceremony.
  • The classic tea party gets a modern makeover with these fresh and entertaining ideas.

  • When it was time to plan her bridal shower, bride-to-be Ursula had one requirement: The party had to include purple.
  • This bridal shower theme has been around for decades. How it works: Assign your guests a time of day that will correspond to their gift of choice!

  • Roll out the pink carpet for this glam bridal shower theme; after all, the bride is the star of the show!

  • Whether your favorite color is blue or you're a huge Breakfast at Tiffany's fan, you've come to the right place for bridal shower inspiration.

  • This "Feather the Nest" shower, planned for bride-to-be Whitney, pays homage to the bridal shower's historic roots.