How to Throw an Instagram-Worthy Bridal Shower

Get party inspiration from some of social media's cream of the crop, with influencer tips on how to throw a bridal shower full of photo ops.


1. Bring Out the Props

Anyone who’s gone on Instagram within the last year knows the value of giant, gold balloons. Singer and curve model Carrie Lane poses below with balloons spelling out “BRIDE.”

  1. Carrie Lane
    Photo: Alison Balletta

  2. 2. Add Some Furry Friends

Grab the bride’s fur babies and pose for a pic, like Cydney Morris of Stone Cold Fox does below! For the soon-to-be Mrs. wanting to include pets in the wedding festivities, the bridal shower is a great time and place to have four-legged friends running around without having the whole wedding guest-list in the room.

Cydney Morris
Photo: Jenavive Belair

  1. 3. Emphasize Color Palette

Much like an Instagram grid, maintaining a color palette creates a cohesiveness both evident in pictures and pleasing to the guests' eyes. If you’re planning the shindig, be sure to take the bride’s favorite colors into account. For Morris, she knew she wanted a garden soirée, and her friends planned accordingly, with a color scheme to match.

Cydney Morris
Photo: Jenavive Belair

  1. 4. Sip on Signature Cocktails

Nothing says “prepared” like a creatively curated cocktail menu. Have a set list of drinks to ensure the alcohol you will need ahead of time will be on-hand. This is the perfect opportunity to take some time to cheers with the bride and the rest of her tribe.

  1. 5. Snap Some Pics

“You think of this day your whole life, and when it’s actually happening it’s a really magical feeling of just appreciation and excitement for the big day!” said Morris. Capture as many moments as you can with the help of a photographer, or have your friends take five fab photos and share them in the group chat or email after the party, to post with your wedding hashtag. Either way, you are guaranteed to have a lifetime of memories.

6. Get Your Game On

While wedding planning can be stressful, the bridal shower should be a time for the bride to kick back, relax, and have fun with her favorite ladies. Be sure to add some games to the itinerary to ensure some laughs and bonding. A go-to bridal shower game is a variation of the classic newlywed game, but Morris opted for something a bit more-yet-less traditional. “I’ve been collecting vintage bridal dresses, and we all put them on just for fun.”

Carrie Lane
Photo: Alison Balletta

  1. 7. Food Food Food

Having something for your guests to snack on is key. Food brings people together, and when it looks and tastes good, well, then you have a real winner. Plus, who doesn’t love Instagramming a good meal? Be sure to take into account guests’ food limitations, offering one vegetarian meal and one gluten-free option if you know guests have dietary restrictions. Take a cue from Hello Fashion Founder, Christine Andrew, and serve goodies like floral cakes and donuts.

Christine Andrew
Photo: Travis J Photography

  1. 8. Take A Moment

While getting the right picture might seem like the most important thing – it isn’t. Yes, we did just go through an entire article on ways to throw a top-notch party sure to shower you with followers and Insta-likes, but at the end of the day, you want to actually remember the happy times shared with your loved ones. Have 20 phone-free minutes to ensure the bride bonds with you and the crew.