How to Plan A Magical Winter Wedding — With No Guarantee of Snow

Snow or no snow, your winter wedding will be pure magic with these ideas! 

winter wedding
Photo: Niki Marie Photography

We know winter as a time when nature enchants the imagination, from glistening icicles to fluffy snowflakes. But as fans of the 1954 classic film White Christmas know, snow during the winter is never a given. If you know that a winter wedding is right for you but are worried about the lack of snow, these tips are for you.

"Engage all of the senses with winter elements. Bring in scents of pine, and select a menu filled with spice and indulgent flavors, and perhaps a little comfort food. And don't forget the beverages: spiked hot chocolates, champagne with sugar crystal rims, and old fashions with a winter twist." —Manda Weaver, Manda Weaver Photography

"No snow, no problem! Many event DJ companies have the capability to use digital projection to create stunning effects in your reception space. One of these is projecting snowflakes onto the wall or dancefloor. We use high-quality projectors to cast the motion image in the space, creating the illusion of snow falling. It's a definite wow factor! Ask your DJ or lighting effects company for options." —Dominic Fournier, The Wedding Duo

"Create flower arrangements and bouquets that mimic snowfalls with draping petals, branches, and greenery using eucalyptus, ferns, or dusty miller. Include evergreens in your décor, such as cedar, pine branches, and garlands, to create a winter woodsy atmosphere." —Joan Wyndrum, Blooms by the Box

"Make your reception as cozy as can be, and no one will realize it isn't snowing! Emulate a winter lodge or cabin, fill the room with candlelight and uplighting, use cozy fabrics and textures, and pull in winter tones and branches." —Nora Sheils, Rock Paper Coin, Bridal Bliss

"Ask your guest to wear sequins or velvet to your event. Sequins give it the sparkle in the cold, and velvet keeps you warm." —Chandai Raghunauth, Chandai Events

"Embrace seasonal flavors with heartier dishes on your cocktail and reception menu. Butternut squash soup, comfort foods like mac 'n cheese, and roasted meats are some beloved options for a winter wedding menu. Plus, you can look into some late-night food options like apple cider donuts, pumpkin-flavored desserts, and spiked cider." —Megan Breukelman, Megan & Kenneth

"If the winter weather won't be coming to you, bring the snow and ice to your wedding. A snow machine can be brought in to greet your guests as they arrive at the wedding in a gentle flurry, especially when Mother Nature does not cooperate by providing the real stuff. Couples can entertain the idea of bringing back the art of the ice sculpture to their wedding; these chilly creations can be displayed at the reception." —Kelley Nudo, Momental Designs

“Many couples hire a photographer because they love the brightly lit images they’ve taken at summer weddings. But if you’re planning a winter wedding, it’s crucial to consider that the lighting conditions will be very different (and, in many cases, not ideal). Accordingly, you should discuss this with prospective photographers on your discovery calls. Will they bring flashes? What is their experience shooting in winter or dimly lit areas? These questions will help you narrow your options and choose a photographer who can capture stunning images at your winter wedding." —Angie Johnston, Sapphire Celebrations

While snow is an exciting feature of the winter months, it's not the only thing that makes winter special. Evergreen foliage, cozy atmospheres, and comfort food can all contribute to a memorable experience for your guests. But perhaps the best part of a winter wedding is the warmth that comes from being surrounded by your loved ones.