25+ Instagram-Worthy Ways to Include Your Dog in the Wedding

From pup-osals to furry flower girls, these adogable ideas would make even the coldest of hearts want to double tap.

Puppy Proposals
Whether your fiancé gets you a ring and a new puppy or includes his/your furry best friend in his plans, adding a dog to your proposal makes it all that much sweeter. 

puppy proposal collar

Photo Credit: Alyssa and Will via How He Asked

puppy proposal with sign

Photo Credit: Christy Beal Photography

photographers puppy proposal
Photo Credit: Kristeen Marie Photography

Adogable Ring Selfies 
What's better than a sparkling engagement ring? High-fiving your dog while wearing one! 

puppy high five ring selfie

Photo Credit: @minidoodlebentley via Instagram

puppy balancing ring on nose ring selfie

Photo Credit: @Hannahhsnyderr via Instagram

smiling puppy ring selfie

Photo Credit: Ellie_the_dood via Instagram

Save the Dates 
Who could RSVP 'no' to these adorable faces?!


cute dog save the date

Photo Credit: Chelsea Nicole Photography

Dapper Dogs in Tuxes 
Your dog will be ready for their closeup in these pint-size tuxedos. 

dog in tuxedo

Photo Credit: Jeremy Chou Photography

collie in a tux

Photo Credit: Ashley Lester Photography 

puppy in tuxedo with groom

Photo Credit: Jen Huang Photo

white puppy in tuxedo

Photo Credit: Erin Stubblefield Weddings

brides best friend dog in tux


















Photo Credit: Moira Photography

Furry Flower Girls
We can never resist a good flower wreath, especially when an adorable dog is wearing it. 

puppy flower girl
Photo Credit: Katie Stoops

dog flower girl in wedding

Photo Credit: Megan Kay Photography

dog with matching floral collar

Photo Credit: One Oak Photography

 dog with floral wreath

Photo Credit: Taryn Kent 

Photo Credit: Lizelle Goussard

Picture Pawfect
These pups couldn't be happier that their humans are getting married. 

dog with bowtie wedding photo

Photo Credit: Danielle Bacon Photography 

 i do too dog

Photo Credit: Kelly Sweet Photography 

happy puppy in wedding

Photo Credit: Christie Pham

best day ever dog photo

Photo Credit: Andrew Clifforth Photography

Dogs with Attitude
From "drinking" dogs to sassy ones demanding belly rubs, these dogs are bad to the bone. 

puppy drinking beer

Photo Credit: Lissa Alexandra Photography

dog wedding photos looking away

Photo Credit: Lauren Fair Photography

puppy with attitude and a floral collar

Photo Credit: Joel and Justyna 

dog in snow belly rub

Photo Credit: Victoria Carlson Photography

Tell Us: Are you including your dog in the big day?