Stock the Bar: What You Need for Your Wedding

Your wedding-day bar should not only look great but also be well staffed and stocked with just the right amount of drinks for your guests. Here, our guide to setting the stage for an unforgettably festive affair.

Fabulous Bar Décor

Create oversized signage, such as a calligraphed chalkboard listing all the drinks on offer.

wedding bar
Photo Credit: Shauna Ploeger, Photography Du Jour

Great lighting, such as uplighting behind the bar, illuminated shelves to make those gorgeous bottles glow, a chandelier, and perhaps even the bar itself glowing purple, pink or amber for a high-drama effect.

Photo Credit: Harriette Rose Katz/Advisory Services

Tall florals set at one end of the bar (leaving plenty of clear space for your mixologists to work their magic).

wedding bar
Photo Credit: K Thompson Photography

Personalized coasters and napkins, not limited to your names and wedding date, but perhaps sharing a meaningful quote or a fun motif drawn from your theme.

Signage decals on the floor, leading up to the bar, coordinated with your decor and wedding theme.

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