Wedding Ceremony Q&As

Answers to who walks when, who stands where, and other ways to make sure your ceremony is perfect.

Q: My parents are divorced and not on great terms. And, quite frankly, I can’t stand my stepmother. Am I obligated to have her in my wedding photos?

A: You don’t have to round up everyone for that “one big, happy family” shot, but you do need to include your stepmother in your wedding photos. Leaving her out is bound to hurt her feelings—and your dad’s—and affect your relationship with them. Meet with your photographer ahead of time to discuss the types of photos you want and which members of your family should be included. An experienced photographer is sure to have dealt with divorced-family situations and can offer some expert advice on how to handle potential problems. For instance, plan to have photos taken of you and your fiancé with your parents and then have additional shots taken of the two of you with your father and stepmother. Your dad will have a keepsake, and both of them will appreciate your generosity.

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