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Q: My father died two years ago, and I would like to have him symbolically represented at my wedding. How best can I do this?

A: For any bride or groom who has lost a parent or close family member, the wedding day can evoke a flood of mixed emotions. You will feel great happiness on this day as well as a certain sadness that your loved one cannot be there to see you walk down the aisle and share in your joy and excitement. It is only natural that you should want to remember your father on this day by expressing your love for him with a symbolic gesture.

You may want to carry some special keepsake of your father's such as a religious medallion, a piece of jewelry, a pocket handkerchief, or a photo. In your ceremony program, you can include a special tribute to your father written in your own words.

At the reception, you can offer a toast in memory of your dad or ask that the band play one of his favorite songs to which you and your groom might dance. Whatever you choose to do will have a very special meaning to you, and your remembrance will undoubtedly be very touching to other family members and guests as well.

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