Wedding Ceremony Q&As

Answers to who walks when, who stands where, and other ways to make sure your ceremony is perfect.

Q: I would like both my father and my six-year-old son from a previous relationship to walk down the aisle with me. On which side should my child walk and, once at the altar, who should lift my veil—my father or my future husband? 

A: Many brides ask their children from a previous relationship or marriage to accompany them down the aisle. This touching gesture not only gives the children emotional support but also reassures them that they will continue to be every bit as loved in this new union. I'm sure your son is very proud to walk with you!

In the processional, since the bride's father always stands on the left, your son should be on your right. At the altar, it is your father who will place your hand in your groom's and lift your veil to give you a kiss. He then returns to the front pew to sit with your mom. Your son can either remain at the altar, standing directly behind your groom and his best man or, if he will be more comfortable out of the spotlight, return to the pew with your dad.

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