Wedding Crisis Control

Heavy downpour? Partying out of bounds? No power? No problem! Just follow our plan-ahead guide to an angst-free celebration.

Photo Credit: Canvas and Canopy

Keep Flowers Fresh

  • The good news about flowers is that you don’t have to take a class in floral design and preservation to make sure they look great all day. The experts say it’s easy, as long as you hire a professional floral designer. “If they’re reputable, they’ll use fresh flowers,” says Blum.

  • “If it is a very hot day or your reception tables are in direct sunlight, it’s a good idea to have the staff wait to place your centerpieces on the tables until right before your guests sit down,” says Nichols. “If flowers are outside for a few hours they can easily wilt in hot, midday sun on a 90-plus degree day.”

  • Your florist will probably tell you to keep arrangements and bouquets in water, but to take your personal bouquet out of water at a specific time prior to your walk down the aisle. Pat the stems lightly with a towel, so water doesn’t drip down the front of your gown.

Power Up

  • There are plenty of horror stories about power outages and blown fuses at weddings, so how can you make sure the party stays lit and the music stays on, no matter how many amps the band plugs in? First, know your venue. “This usually isn’t a problem in most modern hotels,” says Nichols. “But it could be in an older or historic property or at an outdoor venue.”

  • If you’re concerned about the power capabilities at your space, be sure to ask the staff whether or not they recommend renting a generator, just in case you use more power than the venue can provide. Also, examine the outlets: Simple two-pronged outlets are a sure sign you may need special connectors or even a generator. 


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