Wedding Crisis Control

Heavy downpour? Partying out of bounds? No power? No problem! Just follow our plan-ahead guide to an angst-free celebration.

Photo Credit: Hoffer Photography

Weather the Elements

  • You've always heard that it's necessary to have a Plan B for an outdoor wedding in case of bad weather—even if you’re marrying somewhere that’s almost always sunny and warm, like southern California. This could mean setting up a tent (with walls) on the grounds of your venue or even moving the entire shindig indoors. Just make sure you have a plan in place that will work on your wedding day. Equally important: the food-prep area. “Keep in mind that if your kitchen is outdoors, you’ll need to have a tent or a place to move the kitchen if it rains,” says Nichols.

  • Rain isn't the only bad-weather possibility. Wind can wreak havoc on weddings, too, making guests feel uncomfortable and cold. Consider a tent to block the gusts, or adding portable heaters to your list of rentals to keep guests warm.

  • And there's a flip side: the weather can be too hot, so think about ways to ensure your guests don’t swelter at your outdoor wedding. Some ideas include setting up seating in shaded areas, offering bottled water, using portable fans and passing out parasols for guests who might be sitting in the sun. 


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