10 Commandments for a Happy Marriage

To start your happily ever after, apply these golden rules and try to stick to them for as long as you both shall live.

Ninth Commandment: Thou Shalt Be Faithful In Every Way

Photo Credit: Hailey Erickson Photography

It goes without saying that infidelity isn’t part of a happy marriage. Emotional cheating can be just as dangerous, like flirting with a co-worker and not caring if your spouse spots it at the office party. If you become more and more tempted by that hot guy at the gym who boosts your ego by how he smiles at you, that can present a danger to your marriage. If you need your ego stroked, let your husband be the one to do it by spicing up your sex life, flirting more, or trying counseling if you feel your relationship slipping away from you. Work on the marriage, work on yourself, but don't work on the cheap thrill of a flirtation outside your marriage—the cost is way too high.

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