What's Your Signature Wedding Style?

In my book, The Big White Book of Weddings, I discuss style in detail. Here, in a nutshell, are four bridal styles to consider. Happy self-discovery!

One of my first questions to any bride is, “What kind of bride are you and what is your wedding style?” Now, I’m not trying to find out what kind of person you are at work or at home, or what kind of style you’ve followed until now — the fact is, you as a bride may end up learning that you are entirely different from your everyday persona. 

The Classic Bride: Traditional Elegance

classic wedding style 
Photo Credit: Critsey Rowe Photo

Your wedding is exactly what every little girl dreams of. The classic bride has a style that is timeless, elegant, rich, ethereal and romantic, and chooses décor that speaks to that. Opulence is a must here. I love filling the room with dripping crystals and florals hung from chandeliers, tall taper candles mixed into luxurious and overabundant floral arrangements, crystal or precious-metal containers that create a focal point for your tablescapes and candles of all sizes clustered on luxurious linens.

The Modern Bride: Sophisticated Edge

 modern wedding style
Photo Credit: Colin Miller

Do you love all things chic and sleek? Visually appealing, dynamic and trendy, your wedding will be as fashion-forward as you are. The modern bride’s décor will include clean lines, lots of mixed metallics, mirrored accents and white marble surfaces to create a dramatic environment that still feels high end. Orchids, tulips and calla lilies mixed in monochromatic colors in geometric containers with angular edges or sheen bring out the beauty in simplicity.

The Eclectic Bride: Dramatic Fun

 eclectic wedding style
Photo Credit: Primary Petals

The eclectic bride is hip and funky and up for anything. Your wedding will reflect your bold personality, with elements both unexpected and totally fabulous. By adding splashes of color throughout, you’ll let guests know they’re in a wedding scene unlike any other. A whirl of textiles in bohemian patterns and a variety of textures combined with specialty tents and seating creates a look of out-of-the-box extravagance. Don’t be afraid to mix bold colors here for a truly unique, personal feel. Think colorful flowers recreating your favorite piece of art, interesting containers, irregularly shaped blooms (such as orchids) and unique foliage to capture your essence.

The Garden Bride: Refreshing Whimsy

garden wedding style 
Photo Credit: JoPhoto

You’re the bride with the playful, romantic persona: you lean toward floral topiaries, chiffon and other sheer fabrics, wrought iron, rustic urns and sun-drenched grasses. Antique-inspired accents and flirty garden roses create the magic of an enchanted garden. Light, airy materials set within the fragrant, natural harmony of an outdoor environment create the perfect, gentle scenario for the bride who always loves to stop and smell the flowers.

Which Bride Are You?

Did you choose the one you assumed you were — or did you surprise yourself? If you’re caught between two of the choices, you’re probably a combination. I once had a bride who had a traditional ceremony and one of the funkiest receptions I’ve ever seen, bursting with colorful modern decor and floral designs in abstract shapes. Her guests loved it! After all, what could be more fun than having a wedding that combines the best of both worlds?