Advice For The Bridal Party

  • Both sets of parents are chipping in and--yikes!--expect some "say" with their "pay." Here's some advice on how to make sure everyone's happy.
  • Should you invite your ex? How do you tell your future mother-in-law her dress is too sexy? Discover how other brides handled these and other challenges.

  • Put the brakes on mother-daughter angst with a few well-placed words and (gulp!) compromise.
  • Hip, wired, divorced, dating - the millennial mother-in-law is not easy to categorize. Read on for the new road map to this emotionally charged relationship.

  • Demanding diva or just downright difficult, here's how to handle attendants with attitude.

  • His parents, your parents, step parents... chances are, the only reason they'd ever be in the same room is the two of you. Find the right key for family harmony.
  • You found Mr. Right, but your parents think he's all wrong. Here's how to plan a wedding to the man you love, when your parents say they never will.
  • Are your wedding plans being disrupted by parental bickering or step-parent stress? Here's how to keep your happy day from turning into a War of the Roses.
  • We asked some veteran bridesmaids how they really feel about weddings, the dress, the rest of the party, everything. Here's what they had to say.

  • Wanda the whiner. Katie the critic. Lucy the loner. Meet the women you've asked to stand up for you — and learn how to turn them back into the women you love.


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