How to Handle Difficult Bridesmaids

Wanda the whiner. Katie the critic. Lucy the loner. Meet the women you've asked to stand up for you — and learn how to turn them back into the women you love.


You've honored your closest friends and most cherished relatives with a special place in your wedding party. As bridesmaids, they'll throw you a shower, plan a bachelorette bash and attend other pre-wedding events, which means you'll be spending a good deal of time with them in the coming months. But weddings have a way of bringing out people's true colors. And, like an ugly bridesmaid dress, those colors aren't always flattering! So what do you do about the attendant who's out to steal your spotlight? Or the one who complains all the time? Easy! Just use our baffling-bridesmaid-behavior decoder, then follow our keep-the-peace guide.

Your bridesmaid is...
The Diva
► The Rookie
► The Critic
► The Loner
► The Whiner
► The Had-to-Ask-Her
► The Gem