How to Handle Difficult Bridesmaids

Wanda the whiner. Katie the critic. Lucy the loner. Meet the women you've asked to stand up for you — and learn how to turn them back into the women you love.


The Gem

Hey, not all bridesmaids act out. In fact, we're pretty sure most bridesmaids fall under this category. The Gem is thrilled for you and wants to help in any way she can. If a mocha-colored dress is not her thing, she may tell you, but she'll wear the gown with a smile if that's what you want. She's there when you're feeling overwhelmed by all the planning and need a hug, a shoulder to cry on or a glass of wine (or all three). On the big day, she makes sure you've eaten and even dances with dorky Cousin Eddie.

What's going on: She's a gal who knows the true meaning of friendship.

How to deal: Thank your lucky stars for having a pal like this, then tell her how much her love and support mean to you. And don't forget to feel good about yourself, too— you obviously did something to deserve a true-blue friend like her.

Your bridesmaid is...
 The Diva
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