How to Announce (and Celebrate!) Your Engagement

Find out the proper steps to take right after he pops the question.

Monetary Issues

Will your families be dividing the bills? Figuring out who pays for what—and asking how much they'll give—can be tricky, but a healthy dose of respect and a spirit of cooperation can go a long way in smoothing out the process. When it's time to talk money with your families, keep these tips in mind:

  • Approach each family separately. That way, you're not putting either group on the spot in front of the other.
  • Talk specifics. Come to the table with an estimate of how much you think the wedding will cost. Ask how much people feel comfortable giving and discuss whether there are any particular costs—like the band or rehearsal dinner—they would like to cover.
  • Be discreet. The two of you should keep the details of who is contributing what to yourselves. This will discourage competitive feelings and keep those who aren't contributing as much from feeling bad.