48 Heartwarming Proposal Stories

Whether you're ready to pop the question or just in need of a quick serotonin boost, these swoon-worthy proposals are sure to inspire.

The proposal sets the stage for your incredible journey towards becoming husband and wife. From carefully orchestrated to totally spontaneous to asking with the help of loved ones or unusual props, we love reading all of the unbelievably sweet, hilarious and thoughtful proposal submissions that we receive from BG readers around the world.

Here, we've rounded up some of our favorites for your viewing pleasure. P.S. Recently engaged? Submit your proposal story to us via Facebook or Instagram!

Holiday Wishes Come True

Christmas Eve/Christmas:

"Last year on Christmas Eve, my fiancé had secretly set up a scavenger hunt around my house. So on Christmas morning, one of his clues told me to go outside to the front porch. I discovered a GIANT box sitting there, waiting for me. The last clue read, "Just say 'YES'," and all of a sudden, the box burst open, and I saw that my fiancé had been hiding inside of it the whole morning!" —Stephanie Ealey

christmas proposal
Ealey's fiancé popped out of a gift box to propose!
Photo Credit: Stephanie Ealey

"My fiancé asked his parents and my parents to celebrate Christmas together last year. He was making a toast to thank everybody for being there when all of a sudden he got down on one knee to pop the question — I was just as surprised as everyone else in the room. My parents actually cried. I fell in love all over again." —Marcia Sancho

"I thought we were going to get our two-year Christmas bulb from Bronner's. After we picked it up, we went and walked to the little white church in front of the store. He asked me to open the box and this ornament is what I saw. Then he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him, and of course I said yes!" —Lindsie Smith

christmas proposal
Smith relives her sweet proposal each year when she trims her Christmas tree. 
Photo Credit: Lindsie Smith

"My fiancé proposed to me on September 26, 2012, the day before he was about to leave for the military. Since we wouldn't be spending Christmas and New Year's Eve together, we decided to at least put up our little Christmas tree before he left for deployment. After we put it up, he suddenly knelt in front of me, took a small box out from his pocket, opened it, and popped the question. I honestly didn't understand or remember everything he said, because I was so surprised and began crying...We're planning to get married when he comes home next year." —Enid Eunice Ventura Garcia

"My fiancé proposed on December 27th. After a long day of work, I came home and saw rose petals strewn on the floor. He had also arranged the Christmas lights on our wall to say 'Will you marry me?' and he was all dressed up in a dress shirt and tie! He came up with the idea on his own." —Patricia Handy


"My fiancé proposed to me on Thanksgiving last year in front of my mom, my dad, my children and his children. My mom handed him the rings that my dad originally gave her when they got married over 50 years ago and she said that we had their blessing. So my fiancé called everyone into the living room while dinner was cooking, and he got down on one knee and told me he loved me and wanted me to be his wife. I cried, my daughter cried, his daughter cried, my parents were happy for us...it was awesome!" —Christine Lewis Gauthier

Mardi Gras:

"During Mardi Gras this past year, my fiancé jumped off of the float he was riding on (he had asked for permission) and came over to the barricade where he knew I would be standing with all of our friends and relatives. He got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. Then our friends and family members threw rose petals on us, which he had planned. It was amazing — definitely a proposal for the record books." —Corinne Bogar

mardi gras proposal
Bogar's fiancé hired a photographer to make sure the big moment was captured perfectly on camera.
Photo Credit: Corinne Bogar

Mother's Day

"My fiancé proposed on my first Mother's Day with the help of our four-month old son, who was wearing a custom onesie that said, 'Mommy, will you marry my Daddy?' I couldn't have asked for a more special moment." —Kelly Bickford

baby proposal
After helping Daddy pop the question, they changed the baby into a onesie tux!
Photo Credit: Kelly Bickford

The Fourth of July:

"My fiancé proposed on the Fourth of July. My mother asked us to go to the backyard to get some chairs and he took me by the shed where we could see all of the fireworks. He kissed me, then he took the ring box out of his pocket and asked me to be his wife. He was shaking a little. The proposal was a little silly but perfect, just like him." —Bri Wallace Cords

Sadie Hawkins Day:

"On February 29th I asked my fiancé to marry me! I sent him a Sommeecards on Facebook. He commented 'yes' and we changed our relationship status to 'engaged.' We met online so it was perfect for us!" —Rachel Gallagher

sadie hawkins proposal

Gallagher and her fiancé are currently planning their August 2014 wedding
and they have a beautiful four-month-old baby girl together.
Photo Credit: Rachel Gallagher

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