Watch: Marriage Proposal Becomes First Words Deaf Woman Hears

Grab the tissues — this might just be the sweetest, most perfectly-timed proposal we've ever seen!

After Andrea Diaz received cochlear implants to restore her hearing, she was overwhelmed with emotion to hear herself and the voices of her loved ones properly for the first time. (Unlike a hearing aid, a cochlear implant is surgically implanted and bypasses damaged portions of the patient's ear, directly stimulating the auditory nerve.)

To make the moment even more joyous, her boyfriend, Kevin Peakman, popped the question, with her mother as her witness. "I wanted to be one of the persons that you hear," he said. "Because I love you so much. You are my best friend."

Watch the moving video, which was originally posted by the University of Mississippi Medical Center:

Congratulations to the happy newlyweds! We hope they have a joyous life together.

— Stefania Sainato