Real Brides Share: "How I Knew He Was The One"

Was there an instantaneous connection when you met, or did you grow to love each other after years of friendship? We asked our Facebook followers to tell us about how they knew they'd found their perfect match. Read their sweet stories!

He Understands Me Better Than Anyone Else

“I knew my husband was 'The One' because of a phone message he left me after our first (blind) date. In it, he said, 'I like you a lot,' mimicking a line from one of my favorite movies Dumb and Dumber. Not only did we have a wonderful time together, but he also got my sense of humor. In that moment, I knew we were meant to be.” —Danielle E.

“He knows exactly how to handle my hot-tempered Italian ways!” —Heather V.

“I needed a man who was strong, but not controlling. One who wouldn’t read into things too much (I’m efficient — say what I mean in as few words as possible) but still able to read between the lines. As an entrepreneur, I am somewhat of a type-A personality — fiercely independent and very direct (read: a bit intimidating sometimes). Dining out early in our relationship, the waiter forgot to bring me lime juice. John immediately jumped up to retrieve some. I was annoyed. Did I ask you to get me lime juice?! Did I insinuate in any way that I could not pull myself up out of my chair and get my own lime juice? My irritation lingered. Finally, he asked me what was wrong. Concluding my several-minutes-long diatribe, during which I proclaimed that I did not need a man to get me lime juice or give me directions or do anything for me, John stared silently at me for what seemed like an hour. Uh-oh. Was he seething with an angry retort to follow? Or was he about to apologize explaining he never intended to offend me, begging me to forgive him? Neither scenario was appealing. When he responded this way, I knew. “So let me get this straight... I care about you, want to make your life just a little bit easier, and I’m the bad guy?! Next time, get your own *&%[email protected] lime juice.” And that was that. No flying off the handle. No declaring me a crazy bi#ch he never wanted to see again. No brooding for the remainder of the evening. No kissing my bottom or letting me get away with my BS. This man totally got me and knew exactly how to handle me.” —Suzan F.

When You Know, You Know

“I could write a book describing all the details of wonderful things about him that I love. But ultimately, my heart just knew that he was the one. My mind didn't have a choice because my heart picked him.” —Heather F.

“I've been with my husband over a decade now. I knew he was the one and moved in with him shortly after meeting him. I trusted my intuition, and listened to the little divine voice inside. Now we have two beautiful children together and have never been happier.” —Alexandra C.

“He's the only person I never get tired of. Being near him makes everything better and yet insignificant at the same time. He's the only person I've ever had the thought: 'A lifetime with you is just not enough.'” —Abby G.

It's the Little Things

“His dance moves just sealed it for me the night we met! I just thought wow, he looks like so much fun.” —Nichola R.

"He's a non-smoking Seahawks fan, and a sexy man with a heart of gold." —Nicole M.

“He bought me chips.” —Louize W.