Real Brides Share: "How I Knew He Was The One"

Was there an instantaneous connection when you met, or did you grow to love each other after years of friendship? We asked our Facebook followers to tell us about how they knew they'd found their perfect match. Read their sweet stories!

We Grew to Love Each Other

“I knew my fiancé was the one... after seven years. We were colleagues who became friends when we were both producing for Geraldo at Fox News. After sitting next to each other for two years, we became close but never in a romantic way. In fact, I used to set him up with my friends, and vice versa! Two and half years ago, we both found ourselves single at the same time. Mike approached me about dating, and we agreed to take our time with this new idea so as to not ruin our friendship. After three months of platonic dating, we finally had our first kiss — and that's when I knew. It just felt right, and it's continued to feel that way for the next two and a half years after that kiss!” —Annie S.

I didn't know Eric was 'The One' until we both said 'I do.' He was kind, considerate, patient, forgiving, and trustworthy. What more could I ask for in a life partner? I had made the decision that I wanted to be with him, but I was left waiting for him to decide that I was his 'one.' As a relationship consultant for marrieds and singles, I firmly believe that the secret to a successful marriage is commitment to that relationship and doing the right things. Choose someone by their character, not by chemistry, and then daily make the choice to have a happy marriage. When Eric popped the question, my first response was, 'Are you sure?' If he was sure he wanted to be married to me, then I would go all in and be 100% committed to making this thing work, no matter what came our way. But it wasn't until he said the words 'I do' that I really knew he chose me. During the seven years of our marriage, we have both made efforts to be students of each other and to educate ourselves on marriage. We believe that if we're not changing, then we're not growing as a couple.” —Genevieve W.

“We had been friends for over a year, and we were having a conversation about you know who is 'The One.' I told him the story of my grandparents: My grandmother was engaged to a boy she had known her whole life. She took a bus trip to visit him, and she met the bus driver, who flirted with her and took her to lunch. When she came home, she told her mother that she was not marrying the boy she had known her whole life, and that she planned to marry the bus driver — because when she was with him, she felt like her best self. After the story, he looked at me and said, 'Well then we should be married.' And nine months later, we got married on what would have been my grandparents 56th anniversary! We had never even gone on a date when we decided to get married, and our 17th wedding anniversary is coming up this year.” —Cyndi F.

The Way He Makes Me Feel

“Honestly, it was the way my heart felt when he looked at me. I knew he'd love me unconditionally for the rest of our lives, just as I would him.” —Bri C.

He loves me for who I am. He protects me and makes me feel safe. He knows me better than anyone. He makes me smile and very happy. I love the weird things he does. There is no one that completes me better than he does.“ —Robbie W.

“Being with him felt like how I knew I wanted to feel. Spending time with him felt a lot like being alone, but with better company. I could be totally myself without worrying about adjusting to make him happy. Other relationships left me feeling high and euphoric at the beginning, then burnt out, stressed, or insecure later. He just made me laugh and feel confident and comfortable. We were married 11 months after meeting, and we just passed our seven-year anniversary with two living kids. We also experienced the stillbirth of our twins together four years ago — If I wasn't sure by then, that shared experience confirmed he was the one. “ —Tova G.

“We've known each other since we were 12. Now here we are, 21 years later, and I still get butterflies.” —Tiphanie K.

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